Being on the Young endeavour was a privilege granted to me and I thank everyone for working on and of board the ship who taught me how to sail and live life as a young sailor on the big sea.

Emaandeep Singh

11 days out at sea with 17 other youth crew and 8 staff. That equalled 11 days of the most incredible memories, 17 amazing friends and 8 people who inspired you and taught you life-long lessons.

Amedy Buchanan

The Young Endeavour is a life changing, 11 day voyage that teaches youth to overcome their fears and step out of their comfort zone. 

Samantha Howard

I was initially wary about putting myself out there among other fresh-faced strangers on the deep blue sea, but I took the chance and can't believe I ever hesitated.

Rachel Slatter

From the moment I first learned of the ‘The Young Endeavour Voyage’ it had been something I wanted to do.

Lauren Grace

The Young Endeavour program is the adventure of a lifetime.

Liam Mackay

This opportunity is indescribable. I assure you; you will forever cherish the moments and memories made aboard the STS Young Endeavour.

Shaylee Darvell

Have you ever had a moment where you just know that what is happening to you right now is something that you will be telling your grandchildren about when you’re old and grey?

Harrigan Ryan

Are you looking for an adventure? An Adventure straight from a book you once read?

Alexa Laves

If you’ve ever wanted to try something that challenges you, boosts your confidence, improves your skills as a leader, allows you to meet like-minded people from varying backgrounds who later

Jithmal Ranasinghe