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Youth Safety

STS Young Endeavour is a unique vessel which provides a unique learning environment for the youth of Australia.  Young Endeavour’s special role in the Australian community requires us to, at minimum, meet the standards required by Australian law and by the Royal Australian Navy. We strive at all times to exceed these standards.


The staff crew are carefully selected and trained for their postings in Young Endeavour and comply with both Defence Youth Policy and the relevant state legislation for child safe organisations.

Voyage Principles

It is essential for the safety and welfare of the entire ship’s company that everyone on board understands and upholds the principles of Young Endeavour.



We treat everyone fairly and equally with respect for all


Personal Development

We encourage teamwork and personal development



We conduct all activities with professionalism



We insist on safety, 24 hours a day

Youth Safety Statement

COVID-Safe Voyaging Measures



Catch all the action from the current voyage in the Captain’s Log.

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Join Lieutenant Evan Healy – ship’s navigator – for a video tour of Young Endeavour.

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Meet the crew

Meet the specially trained, professional Royal Australian Navy crew.

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Common Voyage Questions

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What is a ballot?

There is a great number of young people who want to sail with us. To keep things as fair as possible we take applications for about two months and then fill the ship by randomly drawing applicants.

First round offers are generally made around two months after the ballot is announced. If an offer is refused by an applicant, further offers are made until the voyage is full.

Applications are accepted all year round. To maximise your chances of selection, we recommend applying at the start of the ballot and for as many voyages as you can. Subscribe to our e-newsletter to be the first to hear about a new ballot.

Am I penalised if I decline an offer?

No. If you decline an offer you are returned to the ballot for future consideration for any other voyages you have applied for.

Can I change my mind about which voyages I want to sail?

You can amend your application at any time, you can add or remove any voyages presently on offer to your application. If a voyage offer has been made to you, it is too late to change the application for that voyage – you must either accept or refuse the offer.

Can I apply more than once?

Absolutely. If you do not get offered a voyage the first time you apply, please update your application again at the next ballot. In fact you can reapply as many times as you wish as long as you are still aged 16 - 23 when you go on a voyage (ie you can sail up to the day before your 24th birthday).

If I am drawn from the ballot, can I change voyage?

No. To be fair to all applicants, we do not allow for changes between voyages to be made. If you cannot sail on the voyage you are offered, you can refuse it and go back on the application list for the other voyages you selected.

How can I increase my chances of getting a berth?

Statistically, most applicants are on a voyage by the completion of their second ballot. Some voyages are more popular than others (School Holidays for example), so if you only apply for a small number of voyages during peak periods you are less likely to be drawn in the ballot. Your best course of action is to apply for as many voyages in the ballot as you can, but only ones you think you will be able to sail on.

I have applied many times but have never been offered a berth, why?

Ensure that the contact details on your application are correct and that all questions have been answered. Next, give consideration to which voyages you are applying for. If you only ever apply for one voyage in a ballot that is over the school holidays, you will be one applicant among potentially >500 for that voyage. Try applying for more voyages in the next ballot (giving consideration for when you can take the time off).

What happens if I apply after the ballot?

Your name will be added to the list of all applicants for the voyages you have selected. If any spots become vacant, we randomly select an applicant from this list.

I want to encourage someone to apply?

If you work at a School or club we can send you posters and brochures to distribute. Otherwise, tell them to head to our website.

If you have any more questions, check out our FAQs section.

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