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Since its establishment, the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme has worked with organisations which support youth with disability. This activity has evolved to become an integral part of the Scheme and the youth development program.


The Young Endeavour Youth Scheme frequently promotes the fact that more than 14,000 young Australians have participated in our Youth Development Program, however it is no less significant that over 12,000 young Australians (and their carers and supervisors) have participated in our Community Day Sail Program.

How do Community Day Sails work?

Community day sails offer a brilliant opportunity for young people who may not be able to participate in an extended voyage at sea to experience sailing Young Endeavour in the confines of the local harbour, river or bay. Guests are hosted by Youth Crew from one of our youth development voyages, and are encouraged to get involved and help sail the ship.



The Community Day Sail is a highly positive emotional experience for all participants. For young people joining as part of a community group the experience can be a wonderful day out, or can lead them to take on greater challenges which can change their lives. For members of the voyage crew it provides an opportunity to consolidate the skills they have learned by teaching others, and imparts valuable lessons in diversity and respect as they work together with guests with very different life experience to safely sail the ship.



Very often the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme receives feedback from members of the youth crew indicating that the Community Day Sail is a highlight of the voyage.


Community Day Sails are available in most ports visited by STS Young Endeavour. Please register interest using the form below, or contact the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme

What does it involve?

Community day sails take place in most ports in our voyage program, and are scheduled on the penultimate day of each youth development voyage. Any community or youth organisation working with young people aged 12-25 years may register interest for an event in their local area.

Who can participate?

If you are a community organisation working with young people with disability your clients can experience the excitement of sailing in Young Endeavour by joining us for a community day sail.

If you think your organisation may be interested in taking part, please check the voyage program  for details when the ship visits your nearest port, then contact us via the form below.

Please note, due to the layout of the ship and restricted access points we are currently unable to accommodate wheelchairs.

Expression of Interest

Please register your organisation’s interest to participate in a Community Day Sail. Our team will contact you to confirm your request and eligibility to participate, and to advise upcoming dates if available.


Please note STS Young Endeavour‘s voyage program changes each year, and may not include your preferred port. Individual bookings are not accepted for Community Day Sails.

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