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Young Endeavour Youth Scheme Voyage Principles

A voyage onboard Young Endeavour is an exhilarating and challenging experience. You will be living in confined quarters for an extended period with nine staff crew, your twenty-three fellow youth crew members, and up to three guests or ‘supernumerary’ crew members.

Our Mission…

To provide young Australians with a unique, challenging and inspirational experience that increases their self-awareness, develops their teamwork and leadership skills, and creates a strong sense of community responsibility

Our People…

The ship is operated on behalf of the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme by Royal Australian Navy officers and sailors (‘staff crew’). The Scheme’s office is staffed by civilians. Young Endeavour is a unique vessel demanding high standards of behaviour from each crew member. The staff crew are carefully selected and trained for their postings to Young Endeavour. In this unique environment, it is essential for the safety and welfare of the entire ship’s company that everyone on board understands and upholds the principles of Young Endeavour.


Our Principles…

Our principles for sharing the Young Endeavour voyage are:
• We treat everyone fairly and equally with respect for all
• We encourage teamwork and personal development
• We conduct all activities with professionalism
• We insist on safety, 24 hours a day.
Because of Young Endeavour’s special role in the Australian community, we aim to meet or exceed the standards required by Australian law and by the Royal Australian Navy.


Acceptance of these Principles

As a member of the youth crew or as a guest on board Young Endeavour, you are asked to read this document before joining the ship. By signing the Voyage Acceptance Form (Form A) for the voyage, you undertake to uphold the principles of Young Endeavour and accept the consequences of any inappropriate behaviour as outlined in Voyage Guidelines.

The Spirit of Young Endeavour

We treat everyone fairly and equally, with respect for all.

It is important that you have an understanding—before joining the ship—of the principle of respect for all, including for yourself, the other members of the youth crew, and the staff crew.


The staff crew are diligent in their efforts to show unconditional positive regard for each youth crew member, and to protect your physical and emotional safety. Their aim is to provide equal opportunity for all of you to develop your personal potential. We ask each of you to take part in all activities on board in the same spirit.


Our program aims to push you out of your comfort zone and will call on your (perhaps hidden) abilities. The staff crew will help all youth crew members develop the high level of trust and teamwork needed to sail a tall ship. Sometimes youth crew members will seek out the confidence of a particular staff
member. It will also be appropriate in certain circumstances for staff crew to show extra support to a particular member of the youth crew, especially when taking on a challenge, such as climbing aloft. Nevertheless, the overriding focus of the staff crew will be on ensuring that each of you receives a proper share of their care, attention and respect.


We encourage teamwork and personal development. Sailing a tall ship requires all crew members to develop exceptional teamwork.
The program on board Young Endeavour presents personal development challenges through setting goals, building trust and solving problems—as individuals and collectively. In meeting these challenges, you are likely to gain new personal insights and skills that you can apply to your everyday life. We expect you to have a go at all activities on board, to the best of your ability, and to work with your crewmates.


Staff crew receive special training in conducting group activities safely, communicating effectively, and setting relevant individual and group challenges: such as setting a sail, climbing aloft, cleaning routines, or navigating the ship at night. They aim always to demonstrate, as well as to foster, good teamwork.


Humour and fun are key elements of the program. These also help in diffusing any embarrassing or uncomfortable situations.


We conduct all activities with professionalism. Every Young Endeavour staff member constantly aims to display a high standard of professionalism when associated with any Scheme activity, and always to act in the best interests of all youth crew members.


On each voyage, there is a similarity of age between some members of the staff crew and the youth crew. The role of our navy crew however, creates an inequality of power that places the onus on each staff member to behave professionally and to lead by example. They will encourage and assist you all to behave appropriately towards each other.


Staff crew may develop friendships with the youth crew, often in the role of mentor or adviser. However, a romantic relationship is never appropriate on board.


We insist on safety, 24 hours a day. The staff crew are responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone on board at all times. Youth crew members are also expected to work cooperatively to enhance each other’s physical and emotional security. The tall ship adventure includes activities that present physical and emotional risks: such as climbing aloft, living in confined spaces with people previously unknown to you, and participating without the support of friends or family. We minimise these risks through appropriate training, safety equipment and procedures.


As a youth crew member or guest, you must submit a Health Evaluation (Form C) signed by your doctor to the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme office. If you are required to use medication prescribed by a medical practitioner, you must note this on the form. Once you are considered medically fit to undertake a voyage, we will advise the medically trained staff member on board of any requirements.



authority of the captain

If the Captain deems that a person’s conduct is interfering with the smooth running of the program, is likely to be harmful to the safety of the vessel or to the welfare of others onboard, that person will be removed from the program and landed at the earliest opportunity. There is no ‘Naval’ discipline on board. If you are simply courteous and follow directions, you will contribute to the spirit onboard and the enjoyment of your voyage. If a youth crew member is landed for disciplinary reasons, the participant will be required to meet travel costs from where he/she is landed to his/her home and all voyage fees will be forfeited.

Conduct Onboard

Each persons conduct on board strongly contributes to the day to day running of the program and the enjoyment of the voyage for everyone. Staff crew are selected and trained to ensure they always act in the interests of all youth crew members, and encourage you to work cooperatively too. While it is natural for lasting friendships to be made, a romantic relationship is never appropriate.


Conduct Ashore

When you go ashore, either during or after a voyage, you land as a crew member of a very well-known and public vessel. Your conduct sets an example to others and will affect how the public perceive our youth development voyages. We trust that you will do the right thing at all times while ashore so as not to jeopardise your participation in the voyage.


Offensive Behaviour

There is no place in the Young Endeavour program for offensive behaviour. This includes unwelcome comments or jokes or actions. No material, which is offensive to another crew member, is permitted onboard. It is up to all members of the ship’s company to ensure that common courtesy and respect is shown to all fellow shipmates and guests onboard.


Violence Policy

No violence, physical or verbal will be tolerated aboard the vessel or ashore directed to either staff or trainees. No offensive weapons or firearms will be permitted on the vessel.


Explicit/Obscene Material

No material, which undermines either gender, is allowed onboard. If found it will be removed until the end of the voyage or destroyed, whichever is appropriate.


Smoking/Drug/Alcohol Policy

For all aboard-staff and youth crew alike-absolutely no alcohol or drugs (other than those prescribed by a doctor) to be brought or used during your voyage. Smoking is restricted to one area and one person at a time onboard but only when given permission by your watch leader.


Dress Code

Follow the recommendations in the kit list supplied to you in your joining kit. No clothing with offensive language or graphics is acceptable. Revealing high or low cut clothing -for either gender- is unacceptable and inappropriate for a youth development program. Please do your best to keep your clothing reasonably tidy and clean whilst onboard.


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