Despite a lack of good sailing wind yesterday afternoon, we made the most out of the fine weather and conducted an inter-watch deck Olympics. Highly spirited and fun contest.
Youth crew had an enjoyable time ashore at Tolaga Bay. Anchor was weighed at 1600 and the ship commenced passage North to East Cape.
Yesterday afternoon we had a tremendous and exhilarating sail in fresh NE winds prior to anchoring in Tolaga Bay. The wind had veered
Early afternoon yesterday had the ship sailing across Hawke Bay in light NE winds. Preparations were being made for a swim when the afternoon sea breeze came in at 20kts from the East.
Conducted a successful set of tacking drills shortly after lunch yesterday. Youth crew performed well.
Youth Crew embarked yesterday and had all onboard by 1530. Following a quick hello and introductions proceeded at 1600 and went to nearby anchorage within Wellington Harbour.
Young Endeavour arrived in Wellington at 1000 and was greeted by a large contingent of the NZ media.
Command day elections went well and a strong team was selected. Conducted a man overboard exercise
Very little wind yesterday afternoon which was perfect for the concert that was held in balmy, nearly warm conditions. Glorious sunset really set the scene. Concert was of a reasonable standard.

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed silent period in glorious sunshine yesterday afternoon. Conducted