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Why sail with us

 Ready for an adventure? You’ve come to the right place. Join a crew of young Australians and embark on a life-changing 11-day journey – learning not only how to sail the ship, but how to work together as a team.

You don’t need to know how to sail. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to help crew a 44 metre tall ship on the open sea. You’ll set the sails, navigate, keep watch, take the helm, help in the galley and even climb the mast – all under the guidance of a professional Royal Australian Navy crew who will ensure the highest standards of safety and care.

With your sense of adventure and willingness to push yourself to the limit, this is your chance to discover how capable and resilient you really are

Learn confidence, self-awareness and resilience The more you contribute during your voyage, the more you will achieve. If you extend yourself, especially when the going gets tough, you will learn a range of skills and build personal attributes that will benefit you for life.

Learn how to be part of a successful team On board a large sailing ship the word ‘teamwork’ takes on a new and important meaning. To make the most of your voyage in Young Endeavour, you’ll learn to trust and rely on your fellow crew members. Together you will learn to sail, solve problems and support each other during your adventure at sea.

Build communication and leadership skills The ship can only sail when all crew members are communicating effectively and working together. All crew members need to act as leaders in their own right – by giving advice, following instructions and making decisions that will enable Young Endeavour to reach her destination safely.

Challenge yourself A voyage in Young Endeavour will challenge different people for different reasons. Whether you’re scared of heights, addicted to your phone, missing your family or feeling seasick, by overcoming these challenges you will realise you are stronger and more capable than you thought possible.

Make new friends from all over Australia You’ll step aboard as strangers, but you’ll rely on your fellow youth crew as you learn new skills and adapt to life on board Young Endeavour. Despite your different ages and backgrounds, you’ll soon bond over the unique experience.

The three Phases of the program

Our program is internationally recognised for the opportunities it provides young Australians. We’ve been sailing for more than thirty years and embarked more than 14,000 youth crew!


Participants on each voyage will move through three phases as they complete the youth development program

Crisis Phase

The first few days of the voyage may cause you to feel overwhelmed as you learn a lot of new information about sailing and life at sea. It may also be confronting to overcome the challenges of your new environment – including seasickness, lack of sleep and living and working with unfamiliar people. The staff crew will support and encourage you through this phase, helping you to develop teamwork, leadership and sailing skills while discovering your inner strength and resilience.

Transition Phase

In the Transition Phase, you will move from instructor-to self-led activities. The staff crew will continue to teach and support you, however as your ability to sail a square-rigged ship improves, you will begin to take on leadership roles within the crew.

The Arrival Phase

The final phase of the program is the Arrival Phase, when the Navy staff crew handover command of Young Endeavour to you and your fellow crew for 24 hours. During this period the Navy staff crew will step back, continuing to monitor safety, while you put everything you have learned about sailing, as well as your communication, teamwork and leadership skills into action.

Who is this program for?

group of high school students portrait

High School Students

Voyages in Young Endeavour provide real world experiences to help develop real life skills. Talk to your school about supporting voyage dates that cross into term time or apply for voyages in the school holidays.

Young students at the college campus walking to class holding their books open discussing something - Education concepts

University or TAFE students

Learning skills in your chosen field? A voyage in Young Endeavour will help build your confidence and develop skills for life, supporting your career ambitions and helping you become job-ready.


Gap year

Taking time off after completing school or university? A voyage in Young Endeavour is the perfect way to step out of your everyday and develop a range of personal skills and attributes while you prepare for what comes next.

Production and manufacturing in Australia is rising and strengthening GDP and overall economy. Employment in processing sector in Australia is growing.

Young adults in the workforce

Already in the workforce and looking for a holiday with a difference? A voyage in Young Endeavour will take you out of your comfort zone and set you up with new skills to take the next step in your career.

Face your fears in Young Endeavour

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Here are our most commonly asked questions about voyages in tall ship Young Endeavour.

When do I apply to get on board?

Applications are normally taken all year.

For the best chance of getting a berth you should apply during the ballot. We normally open two ballots each year – typically from August through to the end of September, and from January through to the end of March.

Please apply on line or call 1800 020 444 if you need assistance.

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Do I need to know anything about sailing?

Not at all, we have taken young people to sea who have never seen the ocean before!

Youth Crew are supervised and supported by a professional Royal Australian Navy crew whose members have been carefully selected and trained to deliver the program and to ensure the highest standards of safety and care.

I am not yet 16 years old, when can I apply?

Our application system will let you apply for voyages that you will be aged 16 on, so you may be able to apply when you are 15 years and six months old for a voyage six months away.

I am over 23 years old but would love to sail on a tall ship. What can I do?

Check this link to find other tall ships for which you may be eligible to apply.

What do I have to do before I sail?

Firstly, apply. If you are drawn from the ballot you will be sent an offer which you can accept or refuse. If you accept you will be provided some forms to fill out and you will need to undertake a health check with a doctor of your choice. Your voyage fare must also be fully paid before you sail. You will also need to book travel and we strongly recommend that you arrange travel insurance for the voyage as well.

Can I apply for someone else?

This is not preferred as there are specific questions that we ask of applicants that they need to truthfully answer. We also communicate directly with applicants via the email address provided during application, so to save confusion or missed offers we recommend that the application be made directly by the young person wishing to participate.

I want to sail on a longer (or shorter) voyage.

Our Youth Development voyages are normally 11 days (10 nights) long. Sometimes there are longer voyages when we have to sail a little further between ports, this does not happen very often so you shouldn’t hold out for one – you may miss out completely.

Why is there a weight limit of 120kg?

The safety equipment of the ship is rated to a limit of 120kg. It is not possible to participate in the program if you are exceed that limit. For safety reasons, all participants are weighed on the first day of the voyage.

Since I applied my health situation has changed, what should I do?

Please update your application as soon as possible. Contact the office on 1800 020 444 if you need help.

Want to know more about our voyages?

Do you have a question that we haven't addressed here? Drop us an email or give us a call on 1800 020 444.

If you have any more questions, check out our FAQs page.

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