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About The Voyage

Join a crew of young Australians and embark on a life-changing 11-day journey – learning not only how to sail a square-rigged tall ship, but how to lead, support others and work together as a team.


A voyage in Young Endeavour is fun, but it’s not a relaxing holiday. You’re stepping into a new world at sea and you will be required to be an active member of the crew and contribute to the voyage.


Be prepared to face your fears, push yourself out of your comfort zone and discover how you rise to challenges. By the end of the voyage, you and your fellow crew will take command of the ship and put your new skills to the test. It’s an adventure like no other.

Quick snapshot of the voyage


16-23 year olds


20 voyages each year


Set sail for 11 days


24 young Aussies


Navy Staff Crew


Social media free zone


Chef cooked meals


Explore Australia

Where we sail

Young Endeavour undertakes around 20 voyages each year along the east and south coasts of Australia, usually sailing from ports in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Every few years the ship circumnavigates Australia, also visiting the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

No matter where you sail, your voyage in Young Endeavour will be challenging and exhilarating – an amazing experience you will remember for the rest of your life!

Youth Crew Activities

Every day on board Young Endeavour is different. During each voyage youth crew spend several days and nights at sea learning to set and furl the sails, keep watch and take the helm, as well as participating in games and team building activities on deck. You’ll assist the chef in the ship’s galley, carry out ship’s rounds with the engineer, chart a course with the navigator, climb the masts, and even take command!


There are also plenty of opportunities to rest while the ship is underway and at anchor – youth crew go swimming, play sports, visit islands and National Parks, spot whales and dolphins, and of course meet amazing people from all around the country. 


No experience required


challenge and adventure


Meet new people - friends for life


memories that will last a lifetime

Learn sail theory and maritime rules The staff crew will teach you about sails, sail handling, rules of the road and much more! By the end of the voyage you’ll work as a team to safely sail a 44m tall ship on the open sea.

Learn how to navigate at sea Learn the skills to navigate the ship using traditional sailing charts. Work out where you are and which direction you need to go!

Climb to the top of the 30m mast With the help of the staff crew you’ll climb aloft and experience the thrill of seeing sunrises and sunsets from the best vantage points in the ocean.

Explore Australia’s coasts and islands Sail to magnificent locations along Australia’s coast. You might anchor and go for a hike, make time for a swim or visit a sanctuary along the way.

Take part in team building The staff crew will break the ice with interactive activities. You’ll learn to rely on your fellow crew mates as you work together to overcome challenges.

Think about your future Each voyage provides opportunities to reflect on your life, the areas you’d like to develop, and the goals you’d like to achieve on board and into the future.

Keep watch, take the helm and set the sails The Royal Australian Navy staff crew will teach you everything you need to know to sail the ship. Everyone pitches in on board Young Endeavour!

Take command for 24 hours Everything you learn on board will prepare you for Command Day, when the youth crew take control of the ship. Put your new skills to the test and show yourself how capable you really are!

Sailing in Young Endeavour

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Catch all the action from the current voyage in the Captain’s Log.

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Join Lieutenant Evan Healy – ship’s navigator – for a video tour of Young Endeavour.

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Meet the crew

Meet the specially trained, professional Royal Australian Navy crew.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? Here are answers to our most popular questions about the voyage.

When do I apply to get on board?

Applications are normally taken all year.

For the best chance of getting a berth you should apply during the ballot. We normally open two ballots each year – typically from August through to the end of September, and from January through to the end of March.

Please apply on line or call 1800 020 444 if you need assistance.

Subscribe to our e-newsletter to be the first to hear about new voyage dates.

Do I need to know anything about sailing?

Not at all, we have taken young people to sea who have never seen the ocean before!

Youth Crew are supervised and supported by a professional Royal Australian Navy crew whose members have been carefully selected and trained to deliver the program and to ensure the highest standards of safety and care.

I am not yet 16 years old, when can I apply?

Our application system will let you apply for voyages that you will be aged 16 on, so you may be able to apply when you are 15 years and six months old for a voyage six months away.

I am over 23 years old but would love to sail on a tall ship. What can I do?

Check this link to find other tall ships for which you may be eligible to apply.

What do I have to do before I sail?

Firstly, apply. If you are drawn from the ballot you will be sent an offer which you can accept or refuse. If you accept you will be provided some forms to fill out and you will need to undertake a health check with a doctor of your choice. Your voyage fare must also be fully paid before you sail. You will also need to book travel and we strongly recommend that you arrange travel insurance for the voyage as well.

Can I apply for someone else?

This is not preferred as there are specific questions that we ask of applicants that they need to truthfully answer. We also communicate directly with applicants via the email address provided during application, so to save confusion or missed offers we recommend that the application be made directly by the young person wishing to participate.

I want to sail on a longer (or shorter) voyage.

Our Youth Development voyages are normally 11 days (10 nights) long. Sometimes there are longer voyages when we have to sail a little further between ports, this does not happen very often so you shouldn’t hold out for one – you may miss out completely.

Why is there a weight limit of 120kg?

The safety equipment of the ship is rated to a limit of 120kg. It is not possible to participate in the program if you are exceed that limit. For safety reasons, all participants are weighed on the first day of the voyage.

Since I applied my health situation has changed, what should I do?

Please update your application as soon as possible. Contact the office on 1800 020 444 if you need help.

Want to know more about our voyages?

Do you have a question that we haven't addressed here? Drop us an email or give us a call on 1800 020 444.

If you have more questions, check out our FAQs page.

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