Captain's Log
19 February 2024

Day 8 – Command Day Part 1

Greetings from the sea,

Today was the day we have all been waiting for, command day!! The Youthies have finally taken over the ship and will have control for the next 24 hours (so hopefully we don’t end up in Tasmania). Captain Matt, Sail Master Erin, and Navigator Jess are among the ten new leaders assigned.

To begin our journey, the Youthies started completing a list of tasks assigned to us. A chalk mural was drawn on mid deck, reflecting the voyage so far, the Staffies personalities and catch phrases. Next on the list was to present a 3 minutes presentation on how to perform everyday activities; included were how to make the perfect milo, a detailed description on how to shower onboard (aiming at removing the smell below deck), and how to wake up crew members for midnight watches, which made all of us laugh.

Next the Youthies set sail out from Broken Bay, coming off anchor at 1630, battling thunderstorms yet light winds. From here it was all sails ahead, as we made our way to the first way point. The light winds did not aid us well, however we overcame this challenge and are now on course.

To end the day, the new chefs prepared a pub style meal, consisting of chicken parmis and a pork roast. To celebrate Dan’s birthday, one of the Staffies, the chefs baked a chocolate cake which also ticked off another task we had to complete.

Todays score: 7 camels + 2 donkeys (very solid)

Until next time, and rock on,

Eliza and Cooper.

P.S. say hi to our dogs for us (Koda + Bonnie)

Thanks Eliza and Cooper for narrating today’s events. The Youth Crew took control of the Ship at 1300 today and will hand it back to Staffies, hopefully in one piece, at 1300 tomorrow! We expect to arrive off Sydney heads at 1000 tomorrow. The Staffies will then pilot the Ship to anchor in Hunters Bay before handing it back to the Youthies until 1300, to enable them to complete outstanding tasks. We will remain anchored overnight.

Until tomorrow. Yours Aye, Captain Mike


33 31.8' S / 151 27.7' E


Weather: Partly Cloudy with occasional showers; Wind: 120 / 10 Knots; Swell: Easterly at 1.0 m; Temp: 23 deg. C