15 May 2019

‘Juiced TV’ Joins Community Day Sail

Normally it is celebrities entertaining the kids from Brisbane Children’s Hospital on Juiced TV, but recently Young Endeavour and the youth crew were the stars of the show.

7 patients from the hospital along with their family members joined Voyage 6/19 community day sail on the Brisbane River recently.

Juiced TV benefits the health and wellbeing of sick kids in hospital. Producer Elin Reeves says the program gives the kids a chance to star in their own show.

“We are a TV channel made by kids in hospital for kids in hospital. We have entertainers get involved and it gives the kids something to look forward to,” Elin said.

“At the end of the day it’s a big, fun day out.”

13 year old Frank hosted the segment aboard Young Endeavour and said it was a great experience.

“It was a lot of fun. It was awesome to meet everyone and to see how many people are needed to bring the ship to life.”

“The youth crew showed me how to put the sail up and I even got to steer for a bit,” Frank said.

“I’ve been on little row boats before, but nothing close to this!”

11 year old Matthew enjoyed looking below deck and got hands on.

“I was calling out instructions as they set the sails. It was really fun, I enjoyed it a lot.”

Community day sails are an important part of the Young Endeavour youth development program. On the penultimate day of a voyage, the youthies host a group of young people who might otherwise may not have had a chance to experience a ship like Young Endeavour.

16 year old Beth Sherry, one of the youth crew, said the morning was very rewarding.

“I got to show the children from the Brisbane Children’s Hospital below deck and spent time with the kids setting sails.”

“It was really nice being able to talk to them, hear their stories and share my experiences,” Beth said.

“That day was the most memorable moment of my Young Endeavour journey. Bringing smiles to the faces of the guests and seeing the joy coming from the children just brought a smile to my face.”

“Since being home I’ve been telling heaps of people about my adventure and every time I say the community day sail was really rewarding,” Beth said,

The guests also had a great time, with Elin from Juiced TV saying she received plenty of positive feedback.

“The kids had a whale of a time. They were just beaming. Two of the boys were saying it was the best day ever.”

“It was a great opportunity for them to get out, learn something new and do something they wouldn’t normally have the chance to do,” Elin said