Captain's Log
V07/19 Brisbane to Mackay
16 May 2019

Day 6 – Great Keppel Island to Sea

Ahoy shipmates. Day 6…another very busy day in YE. After a restful night at anchor, we have departed Great Keppel Island and are making our way north to the Percy Island Group in preparation for Command Day, when the youth crew will take charge of the ship for 24 hours. The southerly breeze has persisted making for another day of fantastic sailing….all is well! Dion and Kaitlyn have described the days activities below so I will bid you farewell. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.———-

Captains Log – Day 6
Last night’s anchor watches were only an hour long and only three of us were needed on deck, giving us an opportunity not only for extra sleep, but also to get closer and talk to people we didn’t usually have a chance to. At 0600 Kaitlyn, Lachie and Huw had got grooving in the galley with Marcus, helping to prepare an awesome, full breakfast and lunch for a busy day ahead. Before raising anchor this morning we climbed aloft the foremast to cast gaskets off the top gallant and top sail, preparing the ship to continue the voyage north. After our awesome staffies Tracy and Ivanka explained the procedure for raising anchor and safely navigating out of a cove with many obstacles. We said goodbye and thanked the embrace of Great Keppel for keeping us safe and stable for the night. The youthies then practised the same manoeuvres we used to sail out of anchor after we had made our way into safer waters. We all learned a lot from these manoeuvres and made note of the areas where we still had to improve. After our delicious lunch we did round 3 of rope races blessed again by Reggies majestic beard. This time we focused on the mainmast and foremast sails, it was a really tight game but blue watch managed to just sneak to the top of the leader board by one point. Later that afternoon Captian Kenny taught us some basic sail theory specific to the Young Endeavour and with this knowledge we dove straight into demonstrational tacks. This showed all the youthies the greater picture of a tack and shifted our perspective from our isolated tasks to better understand the ships’ operation as a whole. Last but not definitely least we passed Cape Clinton and the Manifold hills. With not another ship to be seen, a glowing orange sunset and the dynamic and untamed coastline we could enjoy an unforgettable sunset that just was the perfect cherry on top to a full and interesting day. Dion and Kaitlyn (Blue watch)


22 17s / 150 48e


Wind: SE at 17 knots Weather: Passing showers Sea: E at 1.0m Course: 005 SPeed: 4.5 knots