Not everyday is a great day in Young Endeavour and yesterday was one of them. Youth Crew 06/00 joined the ship in the afternoon and following crew introductions we prepared to get underway.
On completion of the half day sail we went to anchor in Geelong Inner Harbour.
A very busy day so I am late logging on again. Yesterday we left our intrepid Youth Crew having succesfully completed their rescue mission and on their way for their next mission.

There never seems to be a dull moment on a tall ship.

Yesterday afternoon was spent largely under motor in light winds but the time was put to good use with a communications game, again in preparation for the culminating event of Command Day.
After completing demonstration tacks yesterday afternoon we sailed back to anchor in Refuge Cove.
Noon Saturday
Friday : 12 noon
12 Noon : Thursday
Well the sea breeze didn't appear yesterday (too much cloud cover) but we had a nice breeze from the east anyway.