Having had a goods night rest at anchor it was up bright and early for some morning exercise and games on another glorious tropical day.
The breeze yesterday evening did not last very long as hoped and most of the night was spent motorsailing. Engines were shut down at 0600 this morning and all sail reset.
Had a very quiet night last night as the ship sailed slowly (average 2kts) north in a light SE wind. This morning we dropped the jib and hoisted the 'whomper' in its place.
Got everybody aloft last night which was a good effort and nearly everybody made it to the topgallant yard later during the night.
The Wallabies won on Saturday, so despite the rather bleak Gladstone weather, it was an excellent weekend.
Had a great concert last night with the highlight being a song written and sung by the whole YC. The fact that it was done as one epitomises the level of teamwork that this crew has established.
Yesterday evening we discussed the command day for nearly two hours. Both good and not so good aspects of the day were discussed and I found many of the comments very moving and even inspirational.
The ship entered Gladstone Harbour late yesterday evening and sailed all the way to the anchorage, anchoring shortly after 0100.
After anchoring yesterday evening at Round Head Hill, the command day elections were held in the cafe. The noise of cheers and applause indicated they were keenly contested.
We woke this morning to clear skies which made a very, very pleasant change. The wind was still blowing hard from the south but it looked a great day for sailing.