We sailed from our dolphin watching anchorage and proceeded into Gove at 1000 this morning. After lunch we bussed it into town in search of the pool and shops.
Overnight the Bear teamwork exercise went well for all watches and they have learned a great deal about working together.
We had a great day at Groote. We left at 0930 and sailed out with maximum canvas flying. Quite a few locals turned out to wave us goodbye.
We sailed into port at 0900 this morning and we greeted by a large crowd for the ship's first visit to Groote. We are obviously a rare sight as we had about 500 people visit the ship this afternoon.
Today smoothed out beautifully. The swell died and the wind moved us along at a comfortable 5 knots.
We had a quiet day today recovering from the hectic first two days. It's still a little bumpy and the spew-o-meter is climbing.
We're getting a good blow at the moment which is giving us great sailing but a few sickies at the same time. They'll get better by tomorrow.
Our Youth Crew (YC) joined early yesterday and after a welcome on deck we got underway early on our 17 day voyage from Weipa to Darwin.