Voyage name: 
22 October - 22 November 2015
27 degrees 10 minutes South
37 degrees 10 minutes West

Currently located 430nm SE of Rio motor sailing under fore and aft sails and experiencing moderate ENE winds with a 2m SSE swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 17 degrees.

Welcome to day six of our voyage.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day six of our voyage. Well we have said goodbye to the Brazilian sun and throughout the day have experienced cooler conditions with overcast skies and scattered showers. With these conditions I have seen the return of tracky pants and wet weather gear and I guess as we head further south will even see the thermals come out.

Despite the weather the spirits of all have remained high and I am happy to report that all signs of seasickness have now disappeared. Again it has been a busy day with us trying to fit in activities between the passing showers.

One that we hadn’t tried below decks before was the Rules of the Roads presentation which Martin volunteered to do in the ships café today. It was a bit crowded and when you have whiteboards, channel markers, small wooden ships, lights shapes and other props all crammed into a small area it always going to result in a few laughs which it did today. That said, Martin did a fantastic job and I think that our World Voyagers now have a better understanding of who has right of way and for what reason when on a vessel at sea.

As well as Rules of the Road we fitted in another exciting round of Rope Races which is currently resulting in a very close and exciting contest between all three watches. To finish of the day I gave the second of my sail theory lectures to Blue Watch which even I had to improvise today as it was to wet to use a white board which probably saved Blue Watch from having to experience my very poor drawing skills.

Besides these activities we had a celebration onboard when we found out the sex of Staff Crew Member Dougie and his lovely Partner Sophie’s expected baby is going to be after Sophie had her 20 week scan today, so that was a good reason to surprise Dougie with a great chocolate cake to celebrate this exciting news.

Currently we are still making good speed to the south east and despite the rain have continued to experienced pleasant conditions. Looking at the updated forecast we still have to get further south than 30-35 degrees of latitude before we start to pickup the favourable trade winds that we are after.

It was Red Watches turn to write the Captains Log for this evening but rather than do the normal thing they decided to write a poem instead so please enjoy.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye
Captain Gav

Collaborative Haiku log courtesy of RED WATCH!

Day 6

Dancing deck, light, strong
Rhythms of velvety blue;
Vastness in a song

The blue is endless
Rain provides a new beauty
Today I feel better

Cold and wet yet the crew are great
Everyone has gotten over the dreaded sea sickness
for now on the high seas

Home on the ocean
Less than 3000 miles to go;
We follow the wind

Sailing Atlantic
Things getting very frantic;
Hope I don’t get sick

Rope races are very fun;
Happy hour is not so much;
No more sea sickness!

Life on board is fun
Farewell the Brazilian sun
More rain is to come