Captain's Log
31 March 2001

Yummy Meals

After sailing all night we arrived off Cape Byron early this morning. We completed demo tacks today in record time in a stiffening breeze and passing rain showers: we then had a great lunch as Woody as always, is putting in the big ones and turning out some yummy meals. The YC had some great fun during deck games this afternoon and then I briefed them all on the upcoming Command Day, except that a passing school of dolphins stole my show. They then got together in their watches for mid-voyage talks. Tonight we shall sail north past Moreton Island then north west to Noosa, where we hope to find a secure anchorage for Sunday night.Youth Crew entry by James Mortimer,16,Orange NSW and Shay Best, 16, Mountain Creek, Sunshine Coast, QLD.The experiences I have encountered during the past five days on board the Young Endeavour will remain with me for the rest of my life. The moment I stepped aboard I was really nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t know anyone on board, but that soon changed, and within 2 days I knew these people well enough to risk mylife with. Everyone on board has a good attitude and this has lifted my self-esteem and thoughts on life. Being on board this ship takes you out of your comfort zone ��� eg rolling around at night whilst trying to sleep and also having to live in confined areas with people you have never even met before, this produces respect for each other and others property. Being in watches has also brought me closer to other members on board and also closer to the navy staff who have done an excellent job in ensuring our voyage a safe and memorable one. I am just really enjoying my time aboard and everyday brings a new challenge which I can’t wait for.JAMES My experience on the voyage so far has surpassed my expectations. My initial thoughts on the challenges that would confront me were that they would take the whole voyage just to work up the courage, tasks such as climbing to the top of the 30m masts and leading in the setting of sails are now activities which I find enjoyable, and not too daunting at all. I am absolutely having a ball, the youth crew are all friendly and comical in times which aren’t so good and the staff are also good for a laugh. The learning of the actual sailing has exhilarated me to limits and I’m always keen to learn more. The trip is like a do-it-yourself holiday and I’m hoping the rest of my time on board is as good as it has been so far. SHAY.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


27° 31' South / 153° 45'


CO's Log 31 Mar 01Current situation at 1800: At sea off the Gold Coast, broad reaching with plain sail set, cruising at 7 knots. Wind sou'east at 25 knots - Temp 24C.