Captain's Log
19 February 2008


Ahoy Shipmates, Please find attached Command Day Captains Log from the second Command Team.Yours AyeCaptain GavCommand Day Part Two 0200 ��� 1400 18/2 – 19/2Well command handover at 0200 was a very hectic and interesting time, with the wind changing direction every couple of minutes, this led to the decision to pass up on the waypoint designated for handover and to sail on to more achievable goals. With our new command team of Tim as Sail master, Conrad as Navigator, Watch leaders Boxy, Courtney and Shaun, and Officers of the watch Jono, Hannah and Kat, and myself Shannon as Captain, we headed out for our first waypoint of the shift, which we reached at about 0530. After this success we headed back to tackle the ��� Square of Glory’, which required a lot of tacking, and after some confusion we managed to perfectly heave to, which was exactly what we meant to do to reach the first two points of the square, even if we didn’t realise that until after it had happened. We then split of to cover ���Happy hour’, which is cleaning the ship, before passing through the final two points of the Square! Due to time constraints we then decided to forgo our last two waypoints and head straight for our final destination of Williamstown, however our intrepid RocketNavigator charted us a course that managed to fit in another way point just after morning briefing (another task) and before lunch. While under way we then completed two more of our tasks; singing the Australian National Anthem to 5 different tunes and having a Knot demonstration. (More success!) But sadly with 6 waypoints under our belt we have had to furl the sails and rely on engine power to get us the last 7 miles to hopefully reach our final destination within the time alotted. While on our way we plan to finish up our tasks by drawing a chalk mural on the deck to represent our journey, and getting a photo of at least 20 youth crew aloft while under way. So with 15 minutes till the end of command day, I can only say how proud I am to have had to opportunity to work with all of the fantastic people aboard this ship, and I’m sure we will all have many great memories of our time together. We would also like to wish a happy birthday to Margaret, our engineer Lindsey’s wife. Yay for tackage! Yours AyeCaptain Shannon


37° 53' South / 144° 57' East


Currently at anchor just of the Melbourne Bayside Suburb of Elwood. Weather is hot to very hot with a very light northerly breeze.