Captain's Log
8 February 2009

Youth Crew Command Day Log Entry

Hi Everyone, As promised, please find attached the Youth Crews Command Day Captains Log entry.Yours AyeCaptain GavYOUTH CREW CAPTAINS LOG 1/8/09 & 2/8/09First watch (8-12pm)Day 8 today, Command Day! Second watch (12-4am)Command day began on the 1st of August at 10am, an election was held the night before with a limit of one hour, after some debate, nominations and voting, the positions for command day were set. These positions are the Captain, Sail Master, and Navigator, otherwise known as the ���navi-guessor’, three Watch Officers, three Watch Leaders and three Chefs.The Youth Crew have taken on these roles with the assistance of staff who have been keeping a close eye on where we are going and helping to arrive at our destination safely. We left anchor at Dunk Island in the afternoon to sail North to Cairns. If all goes according to plan, we should be anchored in the early hours of the morning, the 2nd of August on the West side of Fitzroy Island, off the coast of Cairns. Various tasks have been set for the Youth Crew to complete on command day. The first task completed was to take a photo of 22 youth crew on the foremast and yards, this involved climbing aloft and arranging everyone evenly on the yards and foremast. Another task was to make a hammock using ropes at mid ship to fit about 27 people. It is approximately 3.30 in the morning, the Blue watch is coming to a close. During our shift we have furled the Forestay sail, Mainstay sail, Mainsail and braced the Yards. The watch is responsible for any alterations to the sails that the Captain, Navigator or Sail Master may request as a team. Rounds are completed, lookouts kept (for example watching for other vessels and land markings) and steering at the helm. The blue watch have also started completing set tasks for command day, which is to conduct the morning brief, normally done by the staff. This includes a song, tall tales and ���Nana’, she picks up anything left lying around, and yes, even underwear!!It is exciting to know that soon we will have reached our destination. The Blue watch have been up for most of the night, as most of the crew, helping to achieve the goal of arriving at Fitzroy Island.We will be arriving soon. This log will finish here as an insight to a day and night aboard the Young Endeavour for the Youth Crew members of the Blue watch. Third watch (4-8am)Red watch have taken over the watch positions letting the blue watch catch some much wanted shut eye. Unfortunately for them we arrived at our final destination only an hr after their hitting the racks and they were needed back on deck to clew the topsail, set the yards and wait for anchor to be set (its loud enough in the cabin to wake them anyway!) So we have arrived at destination Fitzroy Island, the sun to rise shortly on day nine. We now head out to climb up onto the yards to tie gaskets onto the sails, stopping them flapping in the wind. What a great way to see the sunrise! We leave you reading, knowing that we will hand the ship back to the captain soon, at 1000 hrs. It has been an eventful command day so far, with challenges still to be completed. Missing family and friends, but having a great time ��� Red watch 


16° 55' South / 145° 59' East


Currently at anchor at Fitzroy Island and experiencing moderate-strong SE winds.