Captain's Log
4 January 2001

Youth Crew Challenged

The changing wind conditions have put the Youth Crew through their paces and they are measuring up well. Last night the winds eased and tested the helmsperson’s ability to maintain a steady course as we opened out from the coast. First light saw us surrounded by an unbroken blue horizon with no land in sight. At 0700 we wore ship around to the north but by 0900 the wind had eased to less than five knots so the square sails were clewed up and we motor sailed until this afternoon. Now the wind has freshened out of the north and we are punching into a 1.5 metre sea with the odd wave sending white spray over the bows.All this has given the Youth Crew the opportunity to test their mettle including more tacks, working on wet sloping decks and some having to climb aloft with the ship well heeled over and the yards bucking beneath them. Probably one of the greater but less glamorous challenges has been negotiating the spaces below decks and keeping food on plates and plates on tables. Also during the calmer conditions this morning minds were exercised with a navigation lecture and rope races, the latter helping Youth Crew to learn the numerous ropes and other equipment around the ship.While a little seasickness remains most are perking up and enjoying the conditions and even the afflicted are managing a smile.All for nowCap’n Bob


42° 49' South / 148° 20'


Current situation at 1800:wind north 22 knots, clear skies, temp 18C.