29 August 2019

Young leader returns from the voyage of a lifetime

Saskia Junge V12/19 – Brisbane to Sydney

“At age 16, Saskia Junge from Melbourne took part in an unforgettable adventure which saw her sail from Brisbane to Sydney on board the national sail training ship Young Endeavour.

“My dad always told me about Young Endeavour and then I was on a leadership camp and they mentioned it too, so I just decided to apply!” Saskia said.

The Young Endeavour Youth Scheme provides young Australians with the opportunity to participate in an exciting 11-day sailing voyage along the east and south coasts of Australia.

“My experience on Young Endeavour has been absolutely amazing. I’ve enjoyed every second of it and it’s been so much fun,”

“It’s a challenging adventure where as a youth crew of 24, we sail the amazing tall ship from one destination to another. In the meantime, we bond as a team, lift confidence and morality, and just have an awesome time,” Saskia said.

Throughout the program, specially trained Royal Australian Navy staff teach participants the skills required to sail a square-rigged tall ship, including how to keep watch, cook in the galley and climb the 30-metre mast to set and furl the sails.”