Captain's Log
20 August 2000

You Would Not Believe Us

After travelling overnight from Fraser Island to the Sunshine Coast, Young Endeavour was treated to some great weather. The wind had reduced to a fresh nor’westerly and by mid morning the high-rises of Mooloolaba could be seen. Red Watch completed their ‘Bear’ teamwork exercise in record time during the morning watch.After the morning brief I took the Youth Crew through setting and furling drills. I am pleased to say they did an excellent job and proved to me and themselves that they can set the sails efficiently and they can do it safely. Well done, team.On completion we anchored at Mooloolaba and the Youth and Staff crews went ashore together to regain their land legs, have a look around and do some shopping. Also mid-voyage talks were held ashore. Also in port was the HM Bark Endeavour, the replica. Youth Crew had the opportunity to tour the ship and several crew members renewed acquaintances with staff from the Endeavour. Upon return to the ship Command Day elections were held in preparation for them taking command of Young Endeavour for 24 hours from tomorrow afternoon.Lisa Grayson, 18, of Burpengary, Emily Nagle, 21,of NSW and Katherine Webber, 17, of Maleny write…..If we told you that after being woken up at 0330 for a 0400 shift after waking twice before to tack in 25 knot winds and 3 metre swells, with sunburn, aching hands and shoulders: after throwing up from the topgallant (35 metres up) and after being bruised black and blue from endless bumps, we were having the time of our lives ��� you would not believe us. But it’s true! At the time (we have to admit) that these experiences seemed anything but enchanting, but in retrospect, with the ship’s staff enthusiasm and encouragement we’ve found these experiences have shaped our voyage in a positive and motivating way. The amazing sunrises, sunsets, moonrise, whales, touch football on isolated beaches and dolphins under the bowsprit have helped mould our time on Young Endeavour into an unforgettable experience. Combining all this creates bonds between strangers, strong enough to withstand….. anything and everything that is willing to challenge us. Best wishes to everyone.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


26° 40' South / 153° 7'


Current situation at 1800. At anchor Mooloolaba. Wind - light westerly. Temp 16.