Captain's Log
V06/18 Hobart to Melbourne
16 March 2018

You can be whatever you want on this ship

Ahoy there,Welcome to day eight of our voyage. It has been another action packed day for the crew of Young Endeavour starting of with a quick wake-up game of ‘Knights, Mounts and Cavaliers’, a continental breakfast, morning brief then Happy Hour (Cleaning Stations).The Youth Crew Command Team was given 30 minutes with their Staff Crew opposites to ask questions that may assist them during their 24hr command period.Lunch followed then at 1300 I handed the Telescope of Challenge over to Captain Sierra and in doing so giving the Youth Crew the enormous responsibility of running Young Endeavour for the next for 24hrs.Until tomorrow, Yours ayeCaptain Mike ———————————————————— Evening ladies and gentlemen,Captain Sierra here to report on what’s been happening today since the handover ceremony at 1300.We began the ceremony with the youth crew at midships and the staffies in the bridge singing (or rather yelling enthusiastically) “we’re all going on a summer holiday”, much to all of our delight. The staffies then, in amazing costumes, ran up to midships to begin the actual ceremony. As soon as Captain Mike handed me the plans and other symbolic captaincy items, decked out in a mullet wig and white sunglasses, the Youthies were quite shocked when he, followed by the staffies, jumped off the side of the boat. Of course, with the back-flipping already started, how could I refuse to open the swimming pool to a much deserving crowd.After swimming for about 35 minutes, we began to crack down on the planning and navigation stuff. Ivana and Tully, our two watch leaders, took the task sheet and divided all the activities between the youth crew. James E, Matt and I (Nav and Sailmaster respectively) headed over to the chartroom to start to try to plan our route and anchor watches. I can’t say it was easy to plan the route, we had 9 hours to travel 32 nautical miles, which sounds fine, however, we only had about 3 knots of wind at that time.James powered on through though, and with the help of our lovely staffies (and engine) we managed to get out of the very tight channel that we had sailed through, and into Port Phillip. Matt advised that we should set all possible sails, so from 1730 until now, which is 2000, we have been climbing and setting and all things sails, with a small break for a staggered dinner.I have been informed by Mike that the captain’s log is due in to be emailed, so for now, I will leave you with this:“You can be whatever you want on this ship”Brett the Engineer Cheers, and good sailingYouth Crew Captain Sierra McMahon Thompson


37 59.1' S / 144 45.3' E


Weather - partly cloudy and fine, Wind - light and variable, Swell - nil, Temp - 21 deg. C