Captain's Log
7 June 2000

YE versus the fishing boat!

We had a good run up the coast last night although it was everybody up at 0400 to wear ship as the wind backed to the SE. With a following sea, the ship’s motion has been quite uncomfortable and quite a few of the Youth Crew have suffered from seasickness.After morning brief and ‘happy hour’ the Youth Crew had a quiet morning while the staff did some of their own training and rigged the storm sails. This afternoon, a lecture on navigation was given followed by rope races. At 1400 the ship rigged for silent running and the generator was shut down for a few hours. With only the sound of the wind and the waves it was very peaceful.The ship is now approaching the northern part of Fraser Island and will wear later this evening to clear past Breaksea Spit and enter Hervey Bay. It is our intention to anchor in Platypus Bay tomorrow afternoon and head ashore for a leg stretch and a BBQ.Youth Crew entry by Willem New (age 21 on Monday from Sydney) – Seasickness is rife amongst the Youth Crew, but morale is still good, with those not afflicted supporting those who are. All watches went well last night with the only hitch being a ‘piece of spam’ (in the words of Dion the navigator) fishing boat that seemed determined to make us change our course, constantly altering its own course to run straight for us. A successful wear was followed by more sleep for those not on watch. Sleeping seems to be the most popular activity for those not on duty. Gotta grab it where you can. Being on board is incredible – there are so many feelings and emotions that cannot be described. They have to be experienced, or the true essence of what it means to be here will be lost. All involved should count themselves fortunate. Hauling on lines, climbing aloft and working with each other are just small parts of this memorable experience – the true value and challenge of the voyage lies within, overcoming fears, pushing limits and accomplishing that which you’d never dreamt you could.That’s it for this evening’s readers. It’s starting to finally warm up which is good and I’m confident of spotting some whales tomorrow in Hervey Bay, so that will be a treat.Time to cut and runAndrew (and Willem)


24° 56' South / 153° 37'


Course 020 Speed 5kts, Wind 160/15kts, Temp 19