Captain's Log
13 November 2015


Hi Everyone

Welcome to day 23 of our voyage. We have continued to enjoy some good sailing over the past 24hrs and are continuing to make good speed to Cape Town.

Our guest Sail Master for today was Kim who managed to fill the day with plenty of activities with the last being a game of trivia which we have only just completed now.

We did get everyone back in the right frame of mind for sailing with a good set of Demonstrational Tacks which for the first time we combined it with Rotational Tacks. Both these activities gave everyone the opportunity to come to the bridge to observe how we tack the ship then on completion got to go to a tacking station that they haven’t been to before. All up we completed four very good tacks in strong winds which made it all the more fun because it is great to throw this ship around with a fully worked up crew in these sought of conditions.

The other big activity of the day was the holding of the Inaugural Young Endeavour Planking Challenge which was a huge success with some very impressive times set. I won’t tell you who was the winner because you get to read all of the details in tonight’s Captains Log so please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye
Captain Gav

Captains Log

What a day, what a glorious day.

Our morning started on day 23 with a call to rise from our newest celebrity Sailmaster Kim. The day started chilly but turned glorious as we progressed.

Morning watches were treated to some sail setting during which the scream of the fishing reel bought pandemonium to the aft deck. Jared attempted to slow the freight train on the end of the line but alas this fish was much bigger than anything encountered so far and snapped the line making off with lure and all. An enthusiastic happy hour left the ship looking spic n span. Lunch and siesta was followed by some demonstration tacks where we threw the ship across the Atlantic, learning new tacking stations and seeing how manoeuvrable she can be. Tacking, or turning the bow of the ship through the wind, can be a complex manoeuvre and requires all hand on deck. It has been a while since had last done this thanks to following seas, but it was great to see everyone fluidly working together on the lines. Some dolphins were even spotted checking out the ship and looked impressed.

Immediately following tacking stations the Inaugural Young Endeavour Planking Challenge was held. This much anticipated event was an official sanctioned by the International Planking Federation (IPF), and overseen by founding members Adam and Caitlin. With everyone in their workout gear, a field of about 25 plankers started off strong on midships, there were a few drop offs at the 2 minute mark before the field dwindled to the true planking masters. As the official time headed towards the 6 minute mark we were left with the final contenders, Jared was a surprise stayer who had been keeping his planking skills under wraps but couldn’t keep up with the podium finishers. Liam, usually all talk, looked to be in good form before conceding defeat at the 10 minute mark, leaving Leigh-Roy and well known stayer ,Horto, neck to neck. The ships engineer Horto a vertan planker, bowed out at 11 minutes 10 seconds with dark horse Leigh-Roy hitting the deck shortly after, writing his name in the history booked and securing the YEPC Planking Trophy, which to coincidentally is a plank.

After another mouth watering dinner with a southern comfort food theme ,we are about to settle into another round of trivia prepared by original Red Watch, which should provided great entertainment for all.

We are getting closer and closer to our destination and it is starting to dawn on us World Voyages that our days onboard with nothing but water and albatrosses for company are coming to an end. Our discussions are switching from what we are missing at home to what we will be missing from the ship, its amazing how close you become after only 3 weeks at sea.

See you soon,


36 degrees 2 minutes South / 5 degrees 11 minutes East


Currently located 650nm WSW of Cape Town enjoying moderate-strong SSW winds with a 2-3m SW swell. Current speed is 6kts and the temperature is a cool 11 degrees.