Captain's Log
12 December 2002

Wiser Today than Yesterday

Situation at 22:00: After the long 24 hours of command day, all hands were worn out and happy to spend the night at anchor. Sunrise was accompaniedby 3 meters swells rolling in through Sydney Heads and squalls bringing 40 kts of wind and heavy rain. At 08:00 YOUNG ENDEAVOURweighed anchor and made the short but very uncomfortable transit to Garden Island in order to embark guests for the half day sail.The number of guests that arrived for the half day sail was considerably fewer than had been expected, no doubt as a result ofthe awful weather. Because the conditions were so poor, and because of concern for the safety of our guests, it was decided that the Ship would remain alongside and the half day sail would transform into a half day adventure onboard. Our guests were from the Sunny Field Association and did not let the change in plans spoil their appetitesor their enthusiasm for being onboard. The Youth Crew served as hosts taking them on tours of the Ship and seeing that Chef Polly’s hard work was enjoyed by everyone. The Blue Watch put on a climbing demonstration and showed off their skill at laying aloft to the Topsail yard. A highlight of the visit was the skit that the Youth Crew put on at short notice. Cameronella was truely a Maiden in distress. Well done to all.Once the guests had departed, the serious job of harbour furling the square sails got underway. This can be a tedious job butis absolutely vital so that the sails are protected from the sun between voyages. Once the sails were taken care of, the WatchLeaders facilitated their watches end-of-voyage talks. This was an in depth look at how the Youth Crew saw the voyage and identified each individuals highlights and lowlights.After supper, all hands mustered a’midships for the Ship’s concert. The festivities were started off by the Staff Crew performing, as always, a play specifically written to parody events from the voyage. All three watches showed an amazing degree ofimagination and talent and produced outstanding performances. After the concert XO Chooka issued copies of ‘The Life and Times of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR’ to each of the Youth Crew to keep as a memento of theirvoyage. As I write this they are busily writing in each other’s books, passing on contact details and messages of farewell.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship’s hull is steel with a composite plywood and teak laid deck. Masts and spars are aluminumalloy and sails are modern dacron sailcloth. The standing rigging is stainless steel wire rope and the running rigging is either stainless steel or man made fibre rope.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Let Draw-An order to haul in the sheets of a sail so that it draws(fills with wind and drives theShip). Let Fly-An order to let go the sheets of a sail so that it luffs and empties of wind.Thought of the day: A man should never be ashamed to say he has been wrong, which is but saying in other words that he is wisertoday than he was yesterday. Alexander PopeYours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN


33° 52' South / 151° 13' East


Alongside Garden Island. Wind: South at 14 kts, Temp: 17c, 4/8 cloud.