Captain's Log
26 January 2002

Winners All Round

We won again. After having the Premier on board to start the Festival of Sail with over three hundred yachts thundering past YE in over 30 knots of wind , we got going and raced One and All to Geelong. We were neck and neck until lunchtime, then One and All pulled ahead and was far in front. Several wind changes later and by way of great tactics by my staff, we hit the lead with just a mile to go to the finish line. We then stole victory from the jaws of defeat, crossing the line a good 500 metres ahead of One and All. We were ecstatic, proving for the second time in two years that YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is the fastest Brigantine in Australia. The credit goes to my great crew – staffies and Youth Crew.On arrival I said fare well and invited Youth Scheme Board Member, Mr John Calvert-Jones to award the Order of Australia Emblem to Mike Campbell, 22 of Sydney. He well deserved this award for his unwavering enthusiasm and energy throughout.The voyage is now complete and the YC are leaving the ship. Lots of sad farewells are happening but lots of happy memories remain.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


38° 8' South / 144° 21'


Current situation at 1600: Alongside Cunningham Pier, Geelong. Wind variable. Temp 33C.