Captain's Log
2 March 2009

Wineglass Bay

Ahoy Shipmates, During the early hours of this morning the wind veered to the south and strengthened to 25-30kts with a very unpleasant 2m swell. This wind shift meant that we had to come hard onto the wind and tack every 4-6 hours so that we could continue to make ground towards the Freycinet Peninsular. By morning brief we were 10nm to the south east of St Helens making slow progress against a confused swell and a strong headwind. Given that a large majority of YC had suffered seasickness throughout the night and had not achieved much sleep I decided to stand all of the YC down for the morning so that they could get some much needed rest. The weather forecast was for moderating conditions during the afternoon so I was banking on this being correct so that we could get the training program back on track. This did occur at around 1300 when the wind backed slowly to the east and moderated to 15kts. With these improved conditions we reactivated the training program for the afternoon, firstly with a good set of demonstrational tacks closely followed by Captain’s Setting and Furling Drills. By late afternoon we were only 8nm from Freycinet Peninsular motor sailing through lack of wind and being escorted by a large pod of playful dolphins, who much to the enjoyment of everyone onboard were having a great time surfing in our bow wave. Finally at 1800 after 32 hours of tough sailing down the east coast of Tasmania, Young Endeavour entered the spectacular Wineglass Bay and came safely to anchor. Once at anchor the YC completed mid voyage talks then enjoyed another great ���teak deck BBQ�� dinner. This evening I conducted the Command Day Brief which was followed by the Command Team elections. With these formalities complete, the YC have settled into their anchor watches for the night with all endeavouring to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for the commencement of tomorrows much anticipated Command Day.Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav


42° 10' South / 148° 18' East


Currently at anchor in Wineglass Bay and enjoying a light 5kt easterly breeze with no swell.