Captain's Log
21 August 2001

Wind from Every Quadrant

The YC have been in Command of Young Endeavour since 0600 this morning and are doing an excellent job. There are lots of islands around here, which makes it quite a picturesque place. The wind is light and changeable and the weather perfect. Their mission is to sail around these islands and take the ship to Esperance (or Espance as our locals call it).Youth Crew entry by Amanda (Moo) Nelson, 20 WA.Well what can I say? It is all nearly over with just a full day of sailing to go. Reality has set in about what we all have achieved. I too have many stories about things and my bruises that I carry. Today is Command Day and I think we have all done very well. To Mum, Dad, Scott and Toddy I love and miss you all very much, other family and friends I can’t wait to share this lifetime experience with you all. I am looking forward to a long hot shower so I can wash my hair. I was very sick for the first couple of days but have bounced back and have had a fantastic time. Thanks to all the staff, crew and watch leaders. C U all soon. Love MooYouth Crew entry by Aimee, 22 NSW.Happy Birthday Mum!Youth Crew entry by Geoff Woodgate, 23 Cobar – Central NSW.G’day everyone, been pretty busy out here on the open seas. Firstly Dad, as you predicted I was terribly seasick for several long days, but as everyone said I recovered to a semi-normal state. Then the rest of the trip has been extremely busy learning and preparing how to sail this tall ship. As others have mentioned in their personal messages, we have experienced several highlights already, besides the sailing side of the trip. It’s hard to believe it will soon be coming to a close, but I am still enjoying every minute of it. See ya ��� Geoff.Youth Crew entry by Sarah Evans, 18 Sydney (Youth Crew CAPTAIN).Hey everyone, The second last day of the voyage and it is command day. So far the voyage has been a blast. I’ve loved every minute of it, from feeling a little sick on the first day out to sea, to climbing aloft to the very top of the mast. I’m from red watch, a great bunch of people who took many executive positions for today, Guys your all great. Today I’ve been given the position of captain to fill, which has been a huge challenge. The whole youth crew has really come together today and helped in everyway in the 5 knots of wind. Travelling slowly but surely now after having to alter course due to time limits. Thanks to all the staff crew who have been awesome the whole time by teaching us loads as well as keeping us entertained. Hey Emil can’t wait to see you xoxoxoStay tunedAndrew Davis


34° 10' South / 121° 38'


CO's LOG Tuesday 21 Aug 2001Current situation at 1800: Youth Crew in Command. Under full sail in the Archipelago of the Recherche. (Islands off Esperance). Wind from every quadrant. Temp 18C and not a cloud in the sky. Is it winter?