Captain's Log
12 August 2015

Wind Freshens

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 16 of our voyage. At 0745 this morning we officially passed the half way point of our crossing of the Indian Ocean which means we are now on our homeward run. As highlighted previously we have now gone as far south as we are planning to go and overnight we should alter to an ENE course which hopefully will mean our days will start to get a little warmer as it was -4 degrees this morning when we got out of our bunks.The barometer has started to fall and the wind strengthened to 20kts late this afternoon so I hope this is the start of our stronger conditions. Interestingly the swell is still only .5-1m which means that we are presently enjoying some relatively smooth sailing.It’s amazing what you can achieve during a quiet watch onboard Young Endeavour with Ice Watch choreographing their own dance to their watch theme song (ice, ice, baby) and even managed to talk their Watch Leader Marcos into joining them, nice moves Marcos!Currently we are located 2340nm WSW from Fremantle sailing on a beam reach under fore and aft sail and achieving 7kts of boat speed.Volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is Nick and Megan from Arctic Watch, please enjoy!Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCAPTAIN’S LOG – 08 DEC 15Ahoy,Nick and Megan here from Arctic Watch delivering you today’s Captain’s log. And what a blissful day it has been.We started our morning with some karaoke from Ice Watch with their lead singer and dancer extraordinaire Jamie, performing to a sleepy crowd, most who were soon wide awake. This set a positive tone for another blistery cold day.One member of Arctic Watch succumbed to the comfort of a warm jacket, and fell asleep curled up in the seat on the bridge. Shenanigans were had, with brew mugs tied to his shoe laces, and perched within his arms. These were filled with a little water and the waiting began with those on watch trying to stifle their giggles.Young Endeavour has reached a milestone for this voyage, crossing over the halfway point at 0745, hooray! To put our excitement into perspective, our navigator Evan then reminded us that we are at our most isolated part of the journey.Despite the cold, our onboard yoga instructor Bec ran another class of frozen boga, and to help warm up afterwards, Shaun followed up with an engineering brief in the café. As interesting as it was for some, others seized the opportunity for a quick rest of the eyes. For those who didn’t fall accustom to the contagious sleeping spreading throughout the café, we learnt some very valuable and interesting engineering information about ship.From the weather room our weather man ‘Navan’ says that the storm is going to hit on Thursday providing some excellent sailing conditions for us, however this will come with some large seas with a roller coaster affect.Until next time, Nick and Megan from Arctic Watch Shout OutsHi Mum, hope your well, hope the plants are still alive, Love Josh.Happy Birthday Tyne! Have a good one (this is your card). Hi Leslie, George and Hugo – MeganHi Jenzen clan, hope harvest is going well and you’re looking after Archy for me. See you soonish Love Nick


44 degrees 49 minutes South / 67 degrees 19 minutes East


Currently located 2340nm WSW from Fremantle sailing under fore and aft sail in moderate to strong southerly winds with a .5-1m SSW swell. Our current speed is 7kts and the temperature is 8 degrees.