Captain's Log
5 April 2000

Wild and Wet Melbourne

Under the guidance of Navigator, Tom, Young Endeavour anchored off Dromana Beach shortly after 1300 yesterday. The Beach Assault Team did their thing and did the youth of Australia proud with their heartfelt rendition of the national anthem. The crew all proceeded ashore and despite the passing showers we had a great afternoon of sport followed by an excellent BBQ (under cover fortunately).A Command Day debrief was held back onboard and the bottom line was that the day went very well and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It wasn’t all smooth sailing and some important lessons came out that hopefully the youth crew will take away.Anchor was weighed at 2030 and the ship motor sailed towards Port Melbourne. The staff looked after things on deck while the youth crew were given a break and entertained by the ‘super seaman’ Captain Irving Johnson and his video of his time before the mast. The ship anchored off Station Pier just after midnight.At 0430 this morning I was rudely awoken to be told the wind had come up and sure enough the ship was pitching about at anchor as if it were in a storm at sea. The wind was gusting over 40kts and adding in the cold and rain factors, made the days outlook rather unpleasant. The real downside of the poor weather was that I have had to cancel the half-day sail where we were going to embark a group of 25 children with disabilities and take them for a spin around the Bay for three hours. I hope they are not too disappointed. Today we will conduct end of voyage talks and the harbour furls of the square sails. If the wind drops this afternoon and it stops raining for long enough, we may go for a cruise up the Yarra River and have a bit of a look. And of course tonight is concert night, which is usually entertaining. Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us then than it is now.Capt Andrew


37° 51' South / 145° 55'


Wind 140/30 kts, Temp 16, bleak miserable day.