Captain's Log
21 January 2002

Wicked Meals and a Free Feed

We made across Bass Strait and made it to Western Port where we are now anchored. The thing is with Bass Strait it is all or nothing. We didn’t exactly get nothing but we were expecting a lot more.A set of demonstrational tacks were carried out today in order that the YC can better appreciate what goes in to turning the ship and the complex operation it is. At 1500 hours today we went ashore for a look round at Cowes and raided the local lolly shops and we got another fridge magnet. The YC seemed to enjoy their sojourn ashore.Tonight we will remain at anchor here and perhaps have a sport morning tomorrow before we depart at lunch.Youth Crew entry by Nick Doyle, 19, Huonville.Hi Dad, Miranda, Kyle, Shannan and Uncle Mark because I know you will be checking this log. The sailing has been pretty smooth across BassStrait with not much wind about but we made it safely and are now anchored at Cowes for the night.It has been pretty hard work at times with a lot of broken sleep. Polly the chef is keeping us going with wicked meals 4 times a day including bacon and eggs for breakfast which I am starting to get very used to. The sea sickness came and went pretty quickly but the fish still got a free feed out of me. We have a games day tomorrow on the beach before we lift the anchors and head to Port Phillip Bay where we should get to by Wednesday. On Friday we, the youth crew take command of the ship for 24 hours which should be good then on Saturday we have a tall ship race against a couple other tall ships and heaps of yachts from Melbourne to Geelong.Oh well I better go my watch is from 5:15am to 6:30am which is good so I will get some sleep while I can. Say Hi to everyone for me. Seeyou when I get home. Bye. Youth Crew entry by Megan Taylor, 23, Wagga Wagga. The much anticipated sea sickness hit me like a ton of bricks. First night, Wednesday, anchored just outside Devonport, I did my first climb aloft on calm seas , returned to the deck and spent the next day and a half over the edge of the boat. I managed to stomach some of Polly’s fine cooking for the first time on Friday lunch… and it’s great. A huge selection every meal.Having gotten over sea sickness early in the voyage I was able to sympathise with those who found the Bass Straight seas a bit challenging on their stomachs.My time on board the Young Endeavour has been no holiday. It has been really physical work with limited, broken sleep. My muscles ache, I’mcovered in bruises and I have landed a few cuts, scratches and blisters but apart from that, I an having a fantastic time. I haven’t managed to escape the cleaning chores. Everyday we have ‘happy hour’ where we give the ship a bit of a clean. Already I hate the amount of brass on the ship.As we get further into the voyage we have been given more responsibilities. We have been on a steep learning curve since we boarded, learning about navigation, rules of sailing and knot tying,all of which I still have to master. Yesterday I took the role of Watch Leader (which everyone gets a chance at) and today I had the job of galley slave (working in the galley with Polly). I am looking forward to Command Day later this week and the last day when we sail with the other tall ships on Australia Day.I hope every one at CSU DIT is checking the Captains log regularly. Hi to Luke, Mum and Dad and everyone else. See you all when I get home.Youth Crew Entry by Jane Darby, 20, Ballarat.Hey everyone, having an awesome time. I was fairly sick Friday night and Saturday morning, but much better now. It is some much more than I expected, the amount of setting and furling of sails and tacking of the ship, but we are all getting on really well and its the best team environment I have ever experienced. The staff are all really great with their teaching and explanations, encouragement and humour. I’m missing all my family heaps, especially Grant and can’t wait to see you all on Saturday(about 4pm), although really looking forward to Command Day on Thursday where we take control of the shipfor 24hrs. It’s going so quickly as we are always so busy, and my muscles are aching all over but it’s worth every minute.Love Jane Stay tunedAndrew Davis


38° 26' South / 145° 15'


Current situation at 1800: At anchor Cowes, Philip Island. Wind southerly at 10 knots and drizzling. Temp 16C.