Captain's Log
V09/19 Cairns to Airlie Beach
19 June 2019

Whitsunday Passage

Ahoy shipmates and welcome to day 7. Dion here again to fill you in on the day activities. Overnight we conducted our eggs can fly activity. It was very entertaining and some real ingenuity and creativeness was on show from our amazing and talented Youth Crew. They then settled into anchor watched overnight and readied themselves from a very physical and busy day.


We pulled up our anchor early in the morning and repositioned around to Cid Harbour. This is where we provided a physical and mental challenge of a different nature, to head ashore and summit the highest peak in the Whitsundays. Our team did sensational and we have a crew photo at the top of the peak to prove it. Some deep and meaningful discussions were had on both the summit assault and on the descent and there was much thought, sharing, honesty and reflection. What a morning!!! Stunning!!


After a lovely lunch, we successfully sailed from anchor and our team had to demonstrate some real precision and timing to achieve this and were up to the task. The afternoon had some more involved explanations of and demonstrations of tacking and I took the team through the basic theories behind sails and how they work. Then after dinner, we sung Happy Birthday and shared some cake with some very special individuals, Luke and Emma! I’ll now hand over to some members of Red Watch, Sarah and Jess to fill you in on the activities from their perspective.


Until tomorrow, fair winds, Dion


Ahoy there maties from Jess and Sarah.

What a morning! We had some amazing pancakes and watched the sunrise up on deck, anchored at the gorgeous Stonehaven Bay. After filling our faces with pancakes, chocolates and ice-cream we went to shore to work it all off and hiked a whopping 5kms up and down Whitsunday Peak. But our efforts were all worth it in the end to see the glorious, unreal view of the Whitsunday Islands from the highest peak in the Whitsundays. Shoutout to Horto for supplying the scrumptious chocolates that were discovered at the bottom of his bag!


Have you ever celebrated your birthday at Whitsunday Peak, surrounded by a bunch of strangers and just coming off a Tall ship? Well two of our members today Luke (21) and Emma (19) have. Hope you loved the cakes. A massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both! Exhausted and starving from our hike we rushed into the galley to fill our bellies with Zacks delicious cooking, then onto practising some observational tacks. After a few tacks and wears we set full sail, turned off all engines and sailed off, with the sun setting behind the mountains painting the sky in purples and pinks which faded into a beautiful blood moon rising over the horizon.


Shoutouts: Sarah Hey FamBam I am so happy you convinced me to go on the Young Endeavour! I have met so many wonderful people and we have all had such an amazing adventure together. Miss and love you guys!!! Jess Thank you to the Navy for this amazing opportunity! It has built my confidence and social skills and I have made so many new friends. Missing family heaps but I am having an amazing time, can’t wait to see you guys again!


20-34.92S / 148-57.96E


Wind 110 at 12knots Sea 0.5m  Swell  Nil