Captain's Log
22 November 2009

Where is the Navigator?

Voyage Log ��� Sunday 22 Nov/ day 5As I write this we have yet to sail from anchor at Portland ��� unfortunately we awoke to coughs, splutters and strained smiles from Bon. Though she was trying to be as cheerful and positive as ever, the doctor at Portland District Hospital was not fooled and recommended she go home for some rest. We are thus waiting for the return of our Navigator, whom, on the mistaken assumption that he was less likely to get lost, we sent to Melbourne airport in a hire car with Bon! To Bon from all ��� we hope you get better soon (and what have you done with Adam?).There has been much to do at anchor however, and we are unlikely to be late if the current strong westerly winds continue. This morning I cornered everyone in the caf� for long enough to explain a little about the theory of sailing ��� only on Command Day when I hand the Telescope of Challenge to the crew will we see how much was absorbed! This afternoon the Sail Master rigged a giant spiders web on deck and has been busy developing initiative and cooperative feeling within the watches. I expect that all of these resources may come in handy when we sail later on tonight as there is no doubt that the next leg will be one of high drama at sea!I’ll take you to the salty scene of sailing action tomorrow,Captain Paul


38° 20' South / 141° 37' East


Strong westerly winds and 16 degrees with the occasional shower ...