Captain's Log
3 April 2000

Whales visiting

Yesterday was not a particularly good day for sailing but it was a great day. The youth crew were tired and some were still feeling seasick having had nearly 48 hrs of bumpy seas. The crew were a little blue. The wind died away, the seas calmed and the sun shone brightly. Everybody started to perk up. Everybody was asked to put on their happiest and brightest clothes, we cranked the music up and soon everyone was dancing up on deck. A limbo competition then developed followed by a skipping competition. In essence we had a major outbreak of morale.In the afternoon I briefed the youth crew on what Command Day is all about and what is expected of them. These guys have bonded very well and are working as a team so I don’t anticipate any major problems. As we conducted the final set of sailing drills we were pleasantly interrupted by a southern right whale breaching close to the ship. He or she didn’t hang around for long but it was nice to watch in anycase.The ship anchored off Portland at sunset and in the evening the Command Day elections were held in the cafe.This morning we weighed anchor at 0400 and commenced motoring east to put us within striking distance of Port Phillip Bay for the start of Command Day. I will hand over the ship after lunch.STOP PRESS. Another whale has just been spotted. We stopped the ship and spent about 15 mins watching this magnificent creature just lolling around seemingly oblivious to our presence. Special treat for everybody and no extra cost!Chat again tomorrow when I’ll let you know how Command Day is going.Andrew


38° 36' South / 142° 23'


Wind 2900/12kts, Temp 17, partly cloudy