Captain's Log
17 September 2000

Whales, Dolphins and Seals

Well we certainly have experienced all types of sailing conditions this Voyage. The Youth Crew had a taste of some very strong winds overnight. When we chatted last, we were sailing nicely with following winds, but they strengthened and by midnight, we were sailing in 35 knots. The ‘Bear’ Teamwork exercises went very well in some pretty tough conditions, coupled with 3 tacks – at 2000, 2200 and 0400 hrs. By this morning everyone onboard was tired but feeling like they had achieved something, as Jervis Bay loomed in the distance. After a set of demonstrational tacks, where Youth Crew get to see first hand how the ship is tacked from a Command perspective, the wind died completely just a few miles from shore, forcing us to hand in sail and motor into the Bay. Enroute we saw whales, plenty of dolphins and a few seals. The winds came up again briefly allowing us to sail to a beautiful anchorage only a few hundred yards from the blindingly white sands at Greenpatch, Jervis Bay.The boat was lowered and the Youth Crew went ashore with their Watch Leaders to hold mid-voyage talks and do some shopping. This evening we will remain at anchor and Captain Irving Johnson will thrill them with tales of rounding Cape Horn during movie night.Unfortunately the prevailing winds won’t allow us to remain in JB for long. We have to beat against the northerlies to make our way back to Sydney by Thursday – pity – this is such a beautiful Bay.Youth Crew entry by Kier Torpy, 16, of Speers Point, NSW: Howdy everyone. I have felt many emotions in my life but I don’t think I have ever felt so many in one week. I’ve been very, very sad from missing my girlfriend and my parents, been extremely scared while being up a 30 metre mast in 30 knot winds tying a sail, really cherishing every moment of land I can walk on, observing an Olympic Opening Ceremony in my home territory, through to really wanting a peaceful still sleep in my double bed at home. I have sailed for about ten years in dinghies and yachts, but the workload on this ship has been more strenuous than on any other boat I have sailed. I can’t wait to get back home to see Katie ��� Cheers, Kier.Speak TomorrowAndrew Davis


35° 7' South / 150° 43'


Current situation at 1800: At Anchor Jervis Bay. Millpond. Temp 19C