Captain's Log
21 November 2002

Whale Tails, Sunrises and Rope Races

SITUATION AT 2030As you can see, we have reached our first checkpoint for the voyage. Overnight we had an eventful night, after making good timeheading out to the East with a fair wind from the south, it was decided that, in order to make it back to Broken Bay in good time we would have to alter course and try not to get too far offshore. At midnight we all heaved ourselves up on deck to Tack the Ship and we altered again at 5.00 am. The effort whilst being tiring for allinvolved, was well worth it as we sailed into Broken Bay at 9.00 and commenced passaging through a particularly scenic part of the coastline.While all this was going on the YC were given another instalment of Rope Races which proved to be very hotly contested, with theWatch scores all locked up at four each in a three way tie. This was followed by a lecture in Sail Theory.At 1230 after the scenic tour of Broken Bay, we proceeded to anchor where we will remain overnight. After a hectic couple of daysthe YC and Staffies alike, are looking forward to a relaxing night at anchor. In the meantime the YC have been kept busy, going ashore for an afternoon of sport and games. Once we were all back onboard and following the evening barbeque, we had a session of three way talks and Lukey has just finished explaining the concept ofAnchor Watches. The YC will soon be closing up to maintain a good watch over the Ship for the night.At the end of day four of the voyage, I am starting to see some very tired but happy, smiling faces. It has been most rewardingto see the YC battle with sea sickness, frustration and tiredness, all have come through to this point maintaining their sense of humour and looking forward to the next leg of our voyage.Youth Crew Entry from Kate Webster, 18 of Turner, ACTHowdy all. Well its been a very interesting trip so far, between Whale tails, rope races and rain everyone has been very busy and very tired. The food is fantastic,I never thought you could eat such great food while at sea. I just want to say hi to the kids atNewcastle Waters School, NT. I know you’ve been following the trip daily. Well I made it to the top of the mast which is apparently 30 m. Ive also been to the topsail to untie the gaskets while at sea. Itwas the scariest thing I’ve ever done but when I got down I was so proud I did it, although im not in a hurry to go back up. Except maybe to watch the sunrise like we did in Sydney harbour the other day, that was amazing. There will never be another sunrise like it. Anyway Im heading to bed and im going to enjoy a bed that isn’tmoving as much as usual. Love you all and I’ll see you when I get Back.KateYouth Crew Entry from Tamara Robertson-Whalan of Darwin NTHi folks, Tam here, really enjoying this exhiliarating voyage making great friends with everyone. So far I was only sick once and I’m hoping that it is the last time that i feel like that. I have climbed right up to the topgallant and the was while climbing with my pal Rod he is a real legend, great supporter. Mum just ask Clanc what these terms are. Last night I clmbed to the topsail with rough weather persisting, climbing out onto the yard, once again with the great support of Chris a real buddy. Enough about me and a little on the crew, Polly is a laugh and the rest of the crew are legends and I will never find such supportive people in my life again. Pushing your limits with the support of all crew, great guys. Just a special hello to my family Mum, Dad, Clancy, Regi, Matty, Nan, Pa, Jc Baby and horsey…Totally missen ya all, can’t wait to let ya all in on my funand excitement. Love ya all and I’ll see ya all soon, with some great gifts. Ok gotta go ok love every one out there Tam xoxoxYOUNG ENDEAVOUR Mariner Speak:The Middle Watch is the watch kept at sea during the middle of the night between the hours of 11.45 pm and 3.45 am. It is also commonly known as the ‘Guts Watch’ as it kicks you in the Guts the next morning…YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Thought of the Day:’You can do anything if you have enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes rise to the stars. Enthusiasm is the spark in your eyes, the swing in your gait, the grip of your hand, the irresistable surge of your will, and energy to execute your ideas…Enthusiasm is at the bottom of all progress.’- Henry FordMore to follow,Paul BarrieActing Commanding Officer


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