Captain's Log
28 April 2002

We’ve sailed into Hunters Bay!

Current situation at 1800:. I left you yesterday with the Youth Crew in charge of the ship having recovered from being aback and got her moving again. Overnight they manoeuvred the ship through several waypoints which required a number of wears (changing course and bringing the wind from one side through the stern to the other). By the end of the day the team had become competent ship handlers, bringing YOUNG ENDEAVOUR to anchor in Hunters Bay, all under sail, well within the time limit. This allowed the ���Beach Assault Team’ plenty of time to complete their task of paddling ashore and organising a choir from the local population to sing Advance Australia Fair on the beach. In 45 minutes they persuaded an impressive 69 people to join them and sing a rousing rendition of the National Anthem.Now everyone is back onboard and the ship has been returned to Staff Crew control. Tonight we will review lessons learned from the day and then it will be a night to recuperate before another very busy day tomorrow.Cap’n Bob.Youth Crew entry by Louise Auld aged 20 from Brisbane.Hello to everyone back home in Brisbane. We are currently in the middle of Command Day. I was elected as the Navigating Officer. Amazingly, I know where we are. We passed Cronulla about an half an hour ago and we are heading towards Sydney on Schedule. Hopefully we will stay on schedule. Fingers crossed.Anyway, tonight we anchor in Sydney and tomorrow we take a group of people on a half day sail. Which will be very exciting. This has been an awesome adventure at sea. Before I go, I have a very special hello to Mr. Sturton’s grade 5/6 class at Seven Hills State School.Miss you all, Seeya Soon. Cheers LouiseYouth Crew entry by Erin Wilkinson aged 18 from MelbourneG’day everyone. We are all having an absolute ball on our adventure. We have arrived at our last stop, Sydney and while we look forward to stepping on solid ground, are dissapointed that we have 1 day left. Our Command Day was a great sucess and everyone worked really well with each other which was not suprising with the crew that we have. Before we know it we will be back home and will always have some fantastic memories from the past 9 days.See you soon,Erin.


33° 49' South / 151° 15'


At anchor Hunters Bay, Sydney. Wind calm, partly cloudy, temperature 18C.