Captain's Log
11 September 2001

We’ll be Tired Tomorrow!

Greetings all and apologies to anyone who spotted the Spencer Gulf mistake in last night’s entry. Today has been a big day of learning about safety onboard, line handling and sail setting. We have now learnt how to tack the ship, which takes all of the youth crew and having achieved that can safely continue throughout the night.Since the wind is coming from the direction that we want to sail it seems likely that we will all be on deck a number of times during the night to tack, so our already tired crew will undoubtedly be even more tired tomorrow.Until tomorrow, safe travels to you allMatthew Rowe


34° 55' South / 138° 13'


Captain's Log for Tuesday 11 September 2001Situation at 1800: sailing south east in the Gulf of St Vincent, South Australia. Wind 195 at 18 knots. Temp 15c.