Captain's Log
20 April 2002

Welcome Cap’n Bob

Current situation at 1100: Well, the Voyage has ended and the YC have shown their friends and family around the ship and departed. Before taking leave of the ship that has been their home for the last ten days, I presented Voyage certificates to them and awarded the Order of Australia Emblem to Lev……23 (today – Happy Birthday) for his contribution tomaking this trip from Adelaide to Melbourne such a success.We have a brief one day stop here in Melbourne before departing at 4 pm Sunday. I hand temporary Command to YE stalwart, Bob Williams, for the Voyage back to Sydders and head home for a break, along with Mhandii, Polly and Rags.See you soon and stay tuned,Andrew DavisCrew Entry:Chris Hirst STA / Young Endeavour Exchangee 2002Today is my final day aboard Young Endeavour as crew, I have just spent two voyages aboard the ship, which have to be two of the best weeks of my life. Sailing as a Supernumary attached to Red watch during voyage 08/02 (Hello to you all) and as Assistant Watch Leader to White Watch during Voyage 09/02.Young Endeavour was not only great fun, but through that fun I got to learn a great amount, not just about sailing but about myself as well.Many thanks to all those who tolerated having a Pom aboard, and have helped me to feel at home throughout both of the voyages. Finallythanks to those who make this exchange possible: the Staff and Crew of Young Endeavour, Ross Swann + The Australian Sail Training Association, STA UK, The Australia Britain Society NSW Branch and the Lord Mayor of London’s 800th Anniversary Fund.Hirsty (Chris Hirst)PS: Hello to Mum and Dad back in the UK, my washing is on its way.


37° 49' South / 144° 56'


Alongside Melbourne, wind southerly at 5 knots, temp 17C