Captain's Log
V13/17 Brisbane to Newcastle
10 October 2017

We survived another Command Day unscathed

Ahoy again! This is Captain Sean at the helm of another fantastic Captains Log,It was a slow start for the Young Endeavour’s sail from Broken Bay to Newcastle but the weather was eventually on our side, after a brilliantly elaborate crew wind dance at Mid-Ship.As the night of the 9th drew on, the watches began their 4hr rounds. This proved a challenge as the wind strengthened to an gusty 28knots; this was the average wind speed for around the next 5hrs. Commands to set as many sails as possible were being passed onto the crew on watch. Seeing the crew setting the sails and looking up at what they have achieved with a smile of both excitement and exhaustion.As the sun began to rise, stress slowly filled the Command team as the realisation that the wind was dying down gloomed over. This was an event that we all knew would happen; although we were still hopeful the wind dance the previous night was enough. So tacking and wearing plans were completed by the Watch Officers and the Navigator as the crew woke from a rocky nights sleep.The Navigation team provided me the plans; which I then transferred onto the Sail-Master. The tacking and wearing of the ship allowed us to reach the destination that was required as well as being able to experience (unknowingly at the time) a Box Haul Tack.The ship was finally brought to anchor thanks to the staff’s assistance,  which meant it was time for the Youth Crew to put on a brilliant Morning Brief; funnily illustrating the experience of the crews voyage. Then the crew began their cleaning duties and furling the sails so that I was able to hand the Young Endeavour back to Captain Mike in a clean and seaman-like state.I am extremely proud of how the crew operated both in the charthouse plotting the course and on the deck checking away and setting the sails; as well as the chefs for cooking amazing meals. I can not express how honoured I am to be able to call myself the Youth Captain of the Young Endeavour.We will all see you when we get home safe and sound. Sincerely,Youth Captain Sean.————————————————————————Ahoy there,I took the Ship back from Captain Sean at 1000 just after we anchored off Stockton Beach, north of the Newcastle Harbour entrance. We congratulated the Youth Crew on their achievements, got them to sea-furl the Topsail and Top Gallant square sails, they helped us set the mid-ships awning and then after lunch sent them to bed for an hour and a half.At 1330 Evan roused everyone and we ferried the crew ashore in the Seaboat for a couple of hours for a leg stretch and a chance to get a coffee and an ice cream. Once they had returned we de-briefed the crew on their Command Day Task completion and then facilitated discussions in three groups drawing out the ‘good points’, ‘opportunities for improvement’ and ‘take-away points’ they had learned from the experience of Command Day.We had dinner at the usual time and once again Marcus turned on a fabulous meal for us. At 1930 we held a SODs (Ship’s Operatic Department) Opera, which involved a couple of Youthies acting as hosts and then Staffys and each Youthie Watch putting on an act to entertain the remainder of the crew.It is intended to remain in our Stockton anchorage overnight and we will proceed into Newcastle in the morning to pick up our Community Day Sailors and take them out for a sail for a couple of hours.Until tomorrow. Yours aye,Captain Mike


32 54.5' S / 151 47.6' E


Wind: ENE at 13 knSwell: SE 0.5 mTemp: 18 deg CWeather: overcast with the occasional drizzle