Captain's Log
17 April 2000

Waterlogged Chops and Snags

It was a real drifter on Jervis Bay yesterday but we still managed to achieve all that we needed to. The Sailing Master completed a communication game with the youth crew which is aimed at providing the youth crew with some insight into different leadership styles. After this we completed our final setting and furling drills. The youth crew satisfied me that they would be safe on the ‘morrow and we proceeded back to anchor at 1500. Then it was back ashore to enjoy a barbecue. I’m afraid the weather gods have not been smiling on us this voyage and no sooner had we got everyone ashore than it decided to rain. Despite some waterlogged chops and snags, spirits were high and everyone enjoyed themselves. In the evening I set the Youth Crew their Command Day challenges and they then elected their respective leaders.This morning we got underway at 0800 and commenced motoring towards Sydney before handing over to the Youth Crew. The morning allowed Youth Crew an opportunity to prepare for the tasks they have been set over the next 26 hours. At 1200 the engines were stopped and I handed the ship’s telescope to the Youth Crew Captain Liam, a symbol of the weight and responsibility of Command. Staff Crew then promptly put the ship aback just to make sure life wouldn’t start too simply for them. Commendably they very quickly resolved the situation, set the jib and got the ship back on course for their first objective: Sydney tomorrow morning.Cap’n Bob


34° 46' South / 150° 59'


Course 020, Speed 2.5 knots. Wind south east 12 knots. Clear blue skies, temp 21.