Captain's Log
24 April 2013

Voyage 6/13 Day 10 – Half Day Sail

Ahoy there Shipmates,A well deserved night’s rest alongside FORGACS was had by all. I think everyone onboard slept very soundly and for good reason, most were exhausted from Command Day, but that didn’t stop us from conducting our usual Early Morning Activity on the upper decks to the beat of Sail Master Guv’s Retro tunes.After breakfast, Morning Brief and Happy Hour we departed the Carrington wharf and proceeded to the Queens wharf where we embarked 25 half day sailors from the Headstart Community Access Brain Injury Centre. We departed the wharf at 1000 and spent 3 hours sailing outside the harbour along Stockton Beach. The Youth Crew hosted the visitors, conducting tours of the Ship, involving them in setting and furling sails and generally spending time with them while they were onboard. We dropped our visitors back at Queens wharf at 1300 and remained there until 1530 in order for the watches to be able to conduct their end of voyage chats ashore in the various cafes in town.Just before we sailed back to FORGACS we had the final edition of ‘Ropies’. After we berthed back at Carrington we conducted the harbour-furl of the square sails. To achieve this all of the Youth Crew proceeded aloft on the yards to fold-up the sails and then stow them inside their UV covers.Squiz treated us to a pizza night for dinner. The Youth Crew then completed some end-of-voyage paperwork before undertaking the final two tasks from Command Day. The reading of a poem about the voyage, composed by Liv Di Pietro, and the viewing of a slide show depicting the voyage, composed by Dan Tonon and Jen Coverdale. Guv then explained our plan to conduct an ANZAC Day Dawn Service onboard and called for volunteers to give the various readings and lay the wreaths the watches had constructed in Broken Bay on Day 3. Finally I spoke for a few minutes on the significance and traditions behind ANZAC Day. We then encouraged everyone to ‘hit the sack’ after a long exhausting day!Until tomorrow.Yours AyeCaptain Mike “ 


32° 55' South / 151° 47' East


Fine and sunny. Wind Easterly 5 knots, swell 0.5 metres and temp 23 deg. C