Captain's Log
11 January 2011

Voyage 19-11 Underway

Hi Everyone, It’s Captain Gav making another short return to the ship for Voyage 19/11 so that Captain Damien can take a well deserved rest. This voyage will see us spend the next 11 days sailing from Eden to Melbourne and along the way experiencing the infamous Bass Strait and the spectacular NSW and Victorian coast line. The YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Staff Crew for this voyage are as follows: Captain – Gav Sail Master – Karly Navigator – Paige BOATSO – Tug Watch Officer- Bob Red Watch Leader – Kim White Watch Leader – Matt Blue Watch Leader – JB Chef – Squiz Engineer – Mick The voyage commenced at 1500 today when the new Youth Crew joined Young Endeavour at the Breakwater Wharf in Eden. Once all gear had been stowed, everyone mustered on deck for my welcome address and Staff Crew introductions. On completion of this address we farewelled loved ones, family and friends and then made preparations to set sail. At 1600 lines were cast-off and we transited the short distance across to Nullica Bay (located in the south western side of Twofold Bay) which was our planned anchorage for the night. During this transit the Watch Leaders conducted a number of ‘ice breaker activities’ which was followed by ships tours. Dinner followed, with Chef Squiz again amazing us with his excellent culinary skills. Once we had cleaned up from dinner, I had a bit of chat to the Youth Crew about what their voyage would entail during the next eleven days. On completion, Karly, as Sail Mistress, gave her talk about some of the rules, regulations and safety aspects of Young Endeavour before giving a safety aloft brief and a demonstration on how to climb the foremast. Once she had finished this demonstration I inverted all of the Youth Crew in their harnesses, which is our final safety check prior to commencing our first climbs. This evening, with some nerves and a great deal of courage and determination every member of the Youth Crew undertook their first climb to the topgallant yard (highest yard), which is located on top of the foremast and is approximately 33m above the water. This climb will complete today’s activities and once the last member of the crew is safely back on deck everyone will turn in for their first nights sleep onboard Young Endeavour. Tomorrow we will depart our anchorage, conduct some sail setting and furling drills in the confines of Twofold Bay before proceeding out into open water and commencing our passage south. Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav


37° 5' South / 149° 52' East


Currently at anchor in Nullica Bay and experiencing light and variable South Westerly winds with a .5m swell.