Captain's Log
7 October 2008

Voyage 11/08 Underway

Ahoy Shipmates, Today saw the commencement of Voyage 11/08 from Townsville to Hamilton Island. After farewelling a small group of friends at the Port of Townsville, lines were cast of and YE proceeded out of Townsville and commenced our 2 hour passage around to our planned anchorage for this evening at Horseshoe Bay, located on the northern side of the very scenic Magnetic Island. During this passage we completed ice breaker” activities closely followed by ships tours and then finally the first of many of Chef Jarrods wonderful meals (4 choices including roast beef) . After dinner it was straight into the climbing system safety briefs before commencing our first climbs just after 2030. The time is now 2340 (1140 PM) and the YC are just finishing their first climb of the foremast (all have made it to the topgallant yard). Tomorrow will see us depart Horseshoe Bay and commence our passage south. Until tomorrow Yours AyeCaptain Gav”””


19° 6' South / 146° 51' East


Currently at anchor in Horseshoe Bay and experiencing a very light SW breeze.