Captain's Log
21 March 2016

VOYAGE 06/16 DAY 2 Sydney Harbour to Sea


Hello Shipmates,

Welcome to Day 2 of the voyage. Following a well deserved and much needed night’s rest the Youth Crew awoke at 0630 to a windy, drizzly Sydney morning. After breakfast the Youth Crew were mustered on deck for the Climbing Brief, given by Sail Master Matt. This included the correct fitting and use of the Ship’s safety harnesses, the Ship’s climbing safety systems and associated procedures. After undertaking a confidence inversion test the Youth Crew climbed to the Top Gallant yard, the highest point on the foremast, under the tuition of their Watch Leaders and with support from all staff members. We experienced heavy rain showers during the climb so that added to the challenge! Once all the watches had climbed we went below decks out of the weather and enjoyed changing into dry clothes and sitting down to another of Chef Jenko’s satisfying meals. The menu included some hearty vegetable broth which did the trick in warming us up again.

At 1300 the crew were mustered on the bridge where they experienced their first daily brief orchestrated by Sail Master Matt and featuring guest appearances from Sumo who spoke on water usage and the intricacies of the Ship’s plumbing system and Jenko who spoke on personal health, hygiene and café and galley rules. Finally I congratulated the Crew on their sterling climbing efforts in the forenoon and gave them my inspirational ‘quote of the day’ from Mark Twain. The Crew also met ‘Salty the sea-dog’ (Marty), who explained the origin of the terms ‘Port and Starboard’ denoting the left and right sides of a ship, respectively. On completion of the brief it was straight into cleaning stations (this activity is known as our ‘Happy Hour’, which even has its own little song).

We weighed anchor at 1515 and proceeded out of the harbour for our first taste of practical sailing activities. During the exit the Ship was also visited by ‘Captain Safety’ (Cam) who, with assistance from Charlie, gave a more detailed presentation on the items of safety equipment onboard. The Ship pitched and rolled as we departed Sydney Heads. The wind was southerly at 20 knots and the swell 2.0 metres also from the south and the Youth Crew got their first taste of YE’s motion at sea. Once safely clear of the channel the Youth Crew began practising setting and furling the Staysails as we made ground to the east. Gradually the Ship’s rolling got the better of some of the new Crew members and they succumbed to the dreaded ‘mal-de-mer’. I am sure they will find their ‘sea legs’ soon enough.

Jenko produced another of his delicious meals for us to enjoy from 1730, however attendance was lower than normal with some crew members preferring to stay on the upper deck in the fresh air, rather than venture between decks. We did make sure they kept hydrated and offered them an endless supply of SAO biscuits, the preferred food for those suffering sea sickness. After dinner the crew prepared for their first night at sea. This will involve keeping 4 hour Sea Watches through the night, during which they will work the sails as required and keep the Ship safe performing duties as helmsman, lookouts, and conducting below deck engineering rounds. No doubt the crew will sleep well after a busy day!

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye

Captain Mike