Captain's Log
RockhamptonI have been having a wonderful time. Sorry to disapoint everyone but I haven't fallen over board yet. The weather is perfect with justenough wind to actually do some sailing (without the engines). I have joined the chunder club and I'm proud of it. Everyone seems to be handling the sea sickness really well. So far I think myfavourite part has been seeing the dolphins and steering. I'm looking forward to a long sleep. Everyone on board has been great
10 December 2001

Hugging The New South Wales Co

Today we had time to relax – but then life on a Tall Ship doesn’t really allow much for that luxury. A westerly wind allowed us to setthe square sails today and all YC were aloft on the yards, casting loose the sails so they could be set. Alas the wind changed and we had to put them away again soon after lunch. The energy levels were flagging in the afternoon but after a set of rope races and the undeniably fascinating lecture by Aaron on How to Navigate in Three Easy Steps Without Really Trying” got theblood racing and hearts pounding again. And it’s Pizza on the menu tonight


dad / Mynissa


R'ton DPP