Captain's Log
V08/18 Eden to Sydney
4 August 2018


Ahoy there Shipmates, Overnight the Ship remained at anchor off Montagu Point in Jervis Bay (JB). We enjoyed a pleasant night’s sleep in mild weather conditions. Sail Master Evan piped Wakey Wakey at 0630 and the crew arose for a quick EMA followed by a BBQ breakfast on deck of bacon and eggs on rolls Marcus had freshly baked yesterday. After breakfast Salty paid a visit to our morning brief and demonstrated the nautical origin of why we ‘split the dogs’ (dog watches), using the staffies’ well-developed acting skills and impressive wardrobe and props. The ‘Mallacoota Shooter then visited with a few items of loose clothing she had found ‘sculling about’ the youth crew cabins. Today’s song she taught us was ‘Green Alligators’.  On completion of the brief we launched the boats and put the crew ashore for a quick game of ‘Speed Ball’. Each watch put a team in as did the Staffies. The rules of the game were similar to netball, except instead of a hoop we used a circle drawn in the sand. Games were played on a knock-out basis and the final had to be decided by two rounds of tie-breaker. Staffies were victorious. We returned onboard at 1030 and then loaded the boats and equipment back onboard. After lunch it was decided to have a quick swim before sailing. The Staffies weighed anchor at 1300, while the Youthies undertook Happy Hour, and then we commenced our passage to Broken Bay. Once outside JB we conducted some practical navigation and sail-handling training for two hours. Once this was completed we came up on both main engines and motor-sailed into the NNE fresh breeze close-hauled. The ship will remain at sea overnight with the watches consolidating their navigation knowledge and practising their sail handling skills. The watches will also conduct the Self-Reflection and Awareness activity known as ‘Apples and Onions’. It is intended to anchor the Ship tomorrow at Patonga, Broken Bay, before lunch. Until tomorrow evening, Yours Aye Captain Mike


34 47.2' S / 150 59.9' E


Weather - fine, Wind - northerly at 12 kn, Swell - from the north at 0.5 m, Temp - 21 deg. C