Captain's Log
V08/18 Eden to Sydney
4 May 2018


Ahoy there Shipmates,Welcome to day 3 of our adventure under sail. The ship continued sailing south-south-west overnight along the NSW then VIC coast. The wind freshened from between northerly and north-north-east overnight and the swell under 1.0 m from the NNE also. The Youth Crew had their first experiences of performing the duties of helmsman and lookout as well as doing hourly safety rounds of the Ship.The usual at-sea Wakey-Wakey call was made at 0700 and Evan played another of his favourite tunes over the broadcast to wake the crew from their slumber. That was followed by breakfast, Morning Brief and then Happy Hour. We anchored the Ship off the Mallacoota jetty and then Guv gave a brief to the Youth Crew on Navigation.Lunch followed and then we gave the crew some ‘siesta time’ for those who hadn’t slept well on their first night at sea. At 1330 the Staffies gave the Youth Crew a demonstration of how this evening’s ‘3 Way Chats would work, before Boats Officer Baggers began ferrying them ashore for a leg stretch and the chance for a swim at the nearby beach. It was recommended to those who were yet to find their sea legs that the best cure for sea sickness was to hug a tree.Everyone had returned onboard by 1700 and while Staffies carried on cooking dinner on the BBQ the youthies had time for the first round of ‘Rope Races’ a competitive / non-competitive activity between the watches to help them consolidate their ship knowledge.At 1800 dinner was ready and we all dined on the deck taking in the sites of the Mallacoota foreshore at sunset. Once we had cleaned up after dinner it was time for the ‘Ice Breaker’ and public speaking activity ‘3 Way Chats’. This is a favourite of mine and something the Staffies always look forward to in order to learn as much as possible about the youth crew and consolidate remembering everyone’s names. At 2000 we commenced preparations to weigh anchor and had this completed were underway by 2015.It is intended to remain at sea overnight tonight, taking advantage of the southerlies that had kicked-in during the late evening, and progressing our northward passage to Sydney.Until tomorrow. Yours AyeCaptain Mike


37 35.8'S / 149 52.3' E


Weather - fine, Wind - South Westerly at 10 knots, Swell - negligible, Temp - 17 deg. C