Captain's Log
28 April 2001

Very Proud of Ourselves

Arose to a wonderful Nara Inlet morning of swimming and snorkeling on a low coral reef before heading off into the Whitsunday Passage again for our last time. We spent a while practicing our tacks and all of the Youth Crew got to witness them from the bridge perspective. Now we are heading N toward our final destination and there are just a few watches left for the youth crew to learn all they can before they elect their team and commence their Command Day. More details about that tomorrow night…For nowAvagreatweekendMatthew RoweYouth Crew Entry for 28 April 2001Joanne 16 from Bouldercombe, Rohan 19 from Melbourne and Ange 19 from Brisbane. Today has been an eventful day starting with a morning dip in the pool before brekky, followed by a bit of a snorkel and swinging off a rope into the pool. We are under sail again now and tacking our way around more of the Whitsundays. A spectacular sunset this afternoon spent aloft (30 metres up) followed by another culinary delight from Karen’s overworked galley.We were very proud of ourselves after a successful team building exercise on Thursday night. We now look forward to using our new skills and knowledge of sailing stuff to hopefully not break or sink the ship on command day. Jo says hi to all the family and friends and to everyone at TCC, having lots of fun, see you on Thursday. Rohan says gidday to all Clearys and friends, Queenscliff crew, Vans, Nortens, and all at Surrey, hoping all games went well, including the girls. C ya all on return. Ange says hi to all the family, Jakie, and friends, and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Matty (have a few for me).


20° 3' South / 148° 44'


Captain's Log for 28 April 01Situation at 1800: Just N of the Whitsunday group, making ground to the NW toward Magnetic Is. Sailing on a quartering run on the starboard tack. Wind 110 at 15 kts. Temp 26C. Skies clear.