Captain's Log
18 July 2000

Very Little Wind

Overnight ship familiarisation continued and Youth Crew climbed aloft to the upper top and beyond. This morning intensive training in safety, line and sail handling continued. At 1300 we weighed anchor and the days training culminated in the Crew conducting their first tacks for the voyage. Tacking the ship is a complex evolution requiring all hands and by 1700 we were well on our way to becoming the effective team needed to sail a tall ship.While the weather is currently very pleasant unfortunately we have very little wind and are now motor sailing towards the Whitsunday Island area where we are planning to arrive Thursday.Tonight Youth Crew will learn other skills necessary to keep the ship running at sea, including lookout and steering duties and conducting rounds above decks and below to ensure the ship and her crew remains safe during the night.That’s all for nowCap’n Bob


19° 3' South / 147° 0'


Course 110, Speed 5 knots. Wind east 5 knots, temp 20 degrees and skies are clear