Captain's Log
22 September 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 32 of our voyage. Another great day on the Atlantic Ocean but we are now experiencing light and variable conditions which is meaning not a lot of sailing and a bit more work for the main engines.Given the lack of wind everyone turned their hand to conducting some maintenance which is a never ending job on a 44m Tall Ship. Thankfully following Young Endeavours 4 week maintenance period back in Southampton in Jun/Jul she is still in very good condition and only requires a little TLC on a regular basis to keep her looking good.With the lack of wind and rising temperature we stopped the ship this afternoon and enjoyed another refreshing swim in the extremely clear water of the Atlantic Ocean which I think will become a daily ritual if the conditions remain the way they are. For those that don’t know Young Endeavour doesn’t have any aircon or heating so we get to experience the extremities of heat and cold.Currently we are located 330nm to the NE of Mindelo still motor sailing but given the pleasant evening the World Voyagers are now laying up on deck eating popcorn and enjoying watching a movie under the stars.Prior to the start of the movie Nina and Brad volunteered to quickly write the Captains Log so please enjoy. Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav Ahoy followers.The sun is setting over another cracker of a day on the Atlantic: West Africa is to port…. Open ocean is to starboard.The sun was up earlier than normal today as we retarded our clocks one hour last night…. this made for a very hot morning brief and an even hotter Happy Hour. However, everybody was happy to deal with the heat after an absolutely amazing breakfast put on by Keely and White Watch. It’s Bluey’s job to provide brekkie tomorrow morning and out of respect for the amazing job White Watch did, which in no way can be beaten, we’ll be putting out cereal…. And maybe some bread.In order to keep the Young Endeavour tiddly and ‘ship shape’, we spent the morning on maintenance, which included much climbing, patching, whipping, splicing, matting and Lewi, Brad and Damo greasing up some dogs – the watertight latches on the hatches.Our resident stow-away, Pepito is still with us, moving aft after being disturbed from the yards during maintenance…. He’s still knackered.Following a couple of hours of maintenance, we moved into lunch, then those not on watch had a cheeky siesta or chilled out on deck in our newly acquired inflatable pool. This was to be short lived however, as there was standing room only.Shaun soon had everyone awake and up on midships for another round of deck games, with a water hazard present around the pool… Liv and Annie managed to make it in by accident. Once the deck games were finished, Keely, one of our latest master chef additions put us through our paces with another (baking hot) PT session, today’s being leg day.With everyone hot sweaty, we had the chance to furl all sails, stop the ship and go for a refreshing dip in the Atlantic. Once cooled down and back aboard, we began motor sailing again, cleaned up and have just finished another fantastic meal by Marcos and friends. We now have to love you and leave you all, as we are setting up for another movie night on the deck of the Young Endeavour. Until tomorrow evening, Adeus – Blue Watch (Nina and Brad)Missing you heaps, KB! Speak in a couple of days from Cape Verde! I’m sailing past Africa. Mental.  Nina


21 degrees 1 minute North / 21 degrees 1 minutes West


Currently located 330nm to the NE of Mindelo motor sailing in very light NE winds with a .5m SSE swell. Our current speed is 5.5kts and the temperature is 23 degrees.